August 2, 2011 - PM Practice

Houston Texans Transcripts

Training Camp Practice #4 (Afternoon)

Tuesday August 2, 2011

(Transcribed by Brittany McCray, Jeremy Joseph and Brett Maikowski)


Head Coach Gary Kubiak
TE Owen Daniels
WR Andre Johnson
TE Owen Daniels


Head Coach Gary Kubiak
(on WR Andre Johnson's injury) "He's fine. He dislocated his finger obviously, so we took him to the hospital this morning. He's back, has it bandaged up and probably is going to miss a day or two of practice until we make sure there's no infection and it calms down. He's fine. He's going to be okay."

(on if he is relieved that WR Andre Johnson will be back practicing in a couple days) "Very much so. I wasn't over there so I was concerned about what had happened. I think we got lucky."

(on if there's any rush to get him back) "No, I would just like him to try to keep his condition level going. Obviously he's like everybody else trying to get there to where he wants it to be. We need to work these young guys too and Jacoby (Jones) will be back Thursday, so it will be a good opportunity for some of these young guys to work, especially tomorrow."

(on if there's any update on ILB Brian Cushing) "Brian's (Cushing) taking all the walkthrough sessions right now. He's a few days away. I'll just have to let you know day-to-day. He's the one guy that we had that wasn't quite ready to go on the field, so we're just trying to take our time."

(on if he's holding things back at practice with so many guys out until Thursday) "No, we're not holding anything back. We're moving. They're able to watch, be a part of practice and be with their coaches out there so they're getting the reps mentally. Physically they'll take off Thursday, but we're proceeding as normal."

(on if there are any thoughts on keeping WR Andre Johnson out longer for safety) "They say he's fine and he can go. Andre (Johnson) can go tomorrow, knowing how he is. I'll just listen to the doctors and when he's ready to go, he'll go. It's an opportunity for these younger guys to take some reps."

(on what he's liked in practice so far) "I like our detail right now. Guys are really into what they're doing. We got a lot of catch up to do and obviously a whole new defensive football team, so to speak, putting it together. Their attention to detail, we're getting a ton of reps, the condition level, as I told you yesterday, I've been excited about what I've seen. I think our guys have done a good job away from here. There's a couple guys that have to catch up, but for the most part, we're heading in the right direction."

(on if there's any update on RB Lawrence Vickers or DE Ty Warren) "(Lawrence) Vickers is here. We had him here today and he visited with me at lunch and visited with (General Manager) Rick (Smith). As we came out to practice, we're talking to him. He's a good player. There are other people talking to him, but we have some interest in him so we'll see. Ty Warren, same thing. It's our understanding that he's making a trip as we speak. I think he's in Kansas City, but we have interest in Ty. I actually talked to him at lunch today too, so we'll see how it goes."

(on the punter situation right now) "The punter? The punter situation? He's (P Brett Hartmann) winning the job right now. Actually we're going to sign (Brad) Maynard. I don't know if that's been released yet, but we're going to sign a veteran punter, Maynard, who should be here I think tomorrow or Thursday. I'm not quite sure. We gave him a chance to go back and get his stuff. We'll see, but the young guy's done a good job. He's getting a chance and he's done a good job."


TE Owen Daniels
(on what he feels he needs to prove) "I just want to get back to be able to contribute like I did before. Last year was a struggle with the injuries, trying to come back and be here from day one, week one. That was tough but it was a good offseason for me. I was able to get everything right and I'm just looking forward to doing what I used to do."

(on if changes in the offense with FB Vonta Leach being gone will help him) "I don't think it's going to change too much, honestly. Obviously Vonta (Leach) did a lot of good things for us but the offense didn't revolve around him. We have a lot of good playmakers out there and James (Casey) is going to step up and do a good job at fullback for us. I think we'll still run the ball a lot. Hopefully that'll open up some holes for the passing and hopefully I can make some plays."

(on goals for the team this season) "Our first goal is to win our game Week One against the Colts. That's the goal I'm focused on right now is winning Week One and then we can move on from there. Obviously we want to get to the playoffs and just getting into that tournament, you never know what could happen from there. We want to get to that point. We haven't yet as a franchise, so that's where we ultimately need to be."

(on what he wants to prove by the end of the season) "For myself, I just want to get back to making plays and being respected by everyone around the league. You can lose that quick, and I don't know if I have or not, but I just want to get back to being a guy we can count on to make plays in some crucial situations."


WR Andre Johnson
(on if his dislocated finger scared him) "It wasn't scary, it's just a dislocated finger, I've had worse. I don't think I'm worried about a finger keeping me from missing anything."

(on the timeframe for him to catch passes again) "It'll just be a couple of days because my bone broke the skin, so it'll be a couple of days, I didn't have to get any stitches or anything like that. Soon as I felt it pop, I felt it out of place and I popped it right back in. I didn't know the bone had broke the skin until I took my glove off so I really wasn't in a lot of pain or anything like that. It was just more concern about the bleeding and everything like that. I went and got it checked out and everything is fine so once it heals I'll be right back out there."

(on the pass that dislocated his finger) "The ball just hit the tip of my finger and I didn't realize it at first; I just went to make a fist and my index finger didn't feel normal so when I looked at it looked kind of crazy and I just popped it back in."

(on the news that he was carted off the field) "I heard about that when I got back to the stadium I was eating lunch and saw it on ESPN that I was carted off the field and stuff like that. I had a lot of text messages and people asking me if I was ok. I'm fine, it's just a finger. I've played with a bum ankle I don't think a finger will keep me out I'm just letting it heal up."

(on the potential of the offense) "I think we can be great. We all feel that same way, we know we have to be more consistent with what we do. Getting off to a fast start, playing the full four quarters, not getting down and playing catch-up that's what we need to be able to put our offense together for the full four quarters."

(on CB Johnathan Joseph) "He's a great player, he's physical, a lot of DBs (defensive backs) are not known for tackling and he's a guy who will stick his head in there and make tackles, so like I said before, when we met this offseason and he talked about coming here, he was a guy that I was hoping could be part of this team and the transaction was made and I'm happy he's here."


QB Matt Schaub
(on young receivers getting practice) "They're doing a great job, our young guys have really stepped up and been playing well. They understand the offense, their role, they're not busting formations and routes. They're doing a good job so there's some talent there so the more they get reps, the better off they will be because it's a league of opportunity and they are getting an opportunity to show what they can do."

(on if the young receivers are having to transition faster than previous years) "Yeah, absolutely and this whole situation has been probably the toughest on the young guys because they didn't have time this spring for meeting and watching film and OTAs, going through the motions, so to speak, that time of year but they're coming in and just going."

(on QB T.J. Yates' progression from Day One to Day Two) "T.J. has been down here since the draft working out with us, so being together and just talking through things, I feel like he really grabbed on to the offense really well. He has a lot of similar things from North Carolina that we do here, but he gets a ton of reps more than I think most rookie quarterbacks in his position get; I know a whole lot more than I got when I was in Atlanta, but he's doing really well."

(on if he feels like this is his team) "I think so, the more you play the more years you have. I'm going on my fifth year here, so with each year you get a little bit more of that especially from performance and how you play and you operate and handle your business. So, in that respect I feel like it is, but I said that last year, also. We have a ton of guys that have played a lot of football on this team so it's not just going to come from one spot it's going to come from a lot of spots."

(on his leadership style) "There's a time and a place for everything. We're out here for practice and there's no need to, especially on the second day of camp when we're out here as a unit after not doing anything together for eight months, to yell and scream and be all that. I think the most important you do is what you do and how you play and your actions and how you go about your business is what guys look to the most. You have to pick and choose your spots, throughout the course of the year you're have to wrestle with some guys to let them know that what we're doing isn't good enough."