August 9, 2011 - PM Practice

  • Tuesday, August 9, 2011 - Afternoon Practice

Houston Texans Transcripts

Training Camp Practice #15 (Afternoon)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

(Transcribed by Brett Maikowski and Jeremy Joseph)


Head Coach Gary Kubiak

Running Backs Coach Chick Harris


Head Coach Gary Kubiak

(on ILB DeMeco Ryans) "I think he's doing well. I've got a decision to make going into the weekend. Do I play him in this first preseason game? Obviously, he's coming off a serious Achilles situation, but he hasn't missed a practice. The only one he did miss was strictly on us when they were restructuring the contract. I think he has looked his best the last couple times out, so it's very encouraging. He's coming. Now we need to get Cush (Brian Cushing) on that same path."


(on if he's concerned about ILB Brian Cushing) "I'm concerned. He needs to get out here and go to work with his buddies. Obviously, he had surgery done and we didn't have him all offseason, so we couldn't just throw him out there and watch him. We thought he needed a good week or so, but as I told you before, the plan all along has been Thursday, but it could very well be tomorrow. We'll go in and talk, but I'm expecting him to be on the field here real soon."


(on how important it is to get ILB Brian Cushing on the field playing) "It's real important. You can have all the players you want and the depth charts and all that stuff look great, but those guys got to work together to be good. Players know that and I don't have to tell them that. He's getting the reps in our walkthroughs, but there's nothing like lining up and playing ball. It's hard to be at your best when you're missing a lot of time, so we need to get him out there."


(on if it energizes the veteran players to see rookies playing well) "Yeah, no doubt. I think you're probably referring to J.J. (Watt) more than anything. You get a first rounder come in and obviously everybody's expecting a lot of things from him. When he earns the respect of the vets as quick as he has and I heard some of Antonio's (Smith) comments about him, that's important. It just tells you what they think of him. Just the scheme in general, I just think we've been very physical in practice as a defensive football team. We're deeper as far as the competition's going. Who's going to end up at different spots? We've got some pretty good competition going on."


(on if CB Jason Allen could push for a starting spot) "No doubt. There's absolutely no doubt. I think he's doing that every day. We're going to play our best two guys, but he's done a heck of a job."


(on if RB Ben Tate will be able to practice tomorrow) "I hope so. The last couple days, he started practice and then about 20 minutes into it, he says he tightens up. He needs to be out there. He needs to be out there and work. Hopefully he's back out there tomorrow. We'll see."


(on if WR Andre Johnson will play in the first preseason game on Monday) "I don't know. I don't have any doubt he can, but we'll see. We'll make a decision on it. His finger's fine. He's been okay at practice."


(on if there are any other health issues) "(Dominique) Barber has a thumb issue, but he was back out here this afternoon. One of our young linebackers has a little hamstring issue, (Matt) Marcorelle. He's got a little hamstring issue."


(on CB Roc Carmichael's injury) "He's got a shoulder. That happened on Sunday. He has a sprain and probably is going to miss about a week or so. He should be back ready to compete in camp."


(on CB Kareem Jackson) "I think he's played well. I think he's more comfortable in what we're doing. It's actually the defense he ran in college. He's getting tested every day, a lot of balls coming his way. He's in a battle. The way Jason's (Allen) playing and some of these young guys, the way they're playing, like (Sherrick) McManis is having a really good camp. Like I said, we're going to put our best two out there, but I think he's holding his own."


(on what CB Jason Allen has done specifically to impress him) "He's just consistent. He's made a lot of plays on the ball, got a few picks in camp. He's always been an effort guy. He's more comfortable being here this year in my opinion and he's playing better."


Running Backs Coach Chick Harris

(on RB Chris Ogbonnaya) "I think he's had a good camp, he's having a good camp. He's a real smart guy and he's a tough guy. He learns by doing and also, he's so smart that he knows exactly what's going on and that's what's going to push him ahead along with his toughness."


(on if the running backs can simulate pass protection during practice) "You can simulate it but the physical part of it in a game will open a lot of guys' eyes. It's not the same, it's much faster and you have to be sharp mentally to get it done."


(on what he would like to see from RB Ben Tate) "Well being able to be consistent at practice, that's the number one deal right there. If you're at practice every day and you can take all your reps you will get better and that's the whole thing right now, being able to be consistent and healthy enough to go through practice."