October 12, 2011 - Transcripts

Houston Texans Transcripts

Head Coach Gary Kubiak

Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison

Houston Texans Open Locker Room

Baltimore Head Coach John Harbaugh Conference Call

Baltimore SS Bernard Pollard Conference Call

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

(Transcribed by Charles Hampton, Brett Maikowski, Zac Emmons and Evan Koch)


Head Coach Gary Kubiak

Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison

T Duane Brown

ILB Brian Cushing

TE Owen Daniels

RB Arian Foster

WR Derrick Mason

OLB Brooks Reed

QB Matt Schaub

DE Antonio Smith

WR Kevin Walter

RB Derrick Ward

DE J.J. Watt


Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh Conference Call

Baltimore Ravens SS Bernard Pollard Conference Call


Head Coach Gary Kubiak

(on the injuries) "Matt (Schaub) did not practice today and obviously Andre (Johnson) didn't practice. Matt's just got a sore shoulder and a banged up thigh, so we'll give him today. Hopefully he'll be back out here tomorrow. We gave lefty (Matt Leinart) and the young kid (T.J. Yates) all the reps. Andre did work a little bit today, so that's a move in the right direction. Other than that, everybody else went."


(on if WR Andre Johnson is out for Sunday's game) "I think the approach is no, but he amazes you how far he's come so quickly and what he did today has got a smile on everybody's face, I can tell you that."


(on what he expects from WR Derrick Mason) "I have to see. First off, I didn't have him out here today. He's not through with his physical and stuff. I know he's played for a few friends of mine, so I know what he knows. Terminology-wise, I got to see how quick I can get him ready to help us in this game. As of now, I haven't visited with him, so it's hard to say."


(on how hard it is to get WR Derrick Mason ready in a short amount of time) "Well, it's hard, but when you got a veteran guy, I'm sure I'll be comfortable getting him to the point where he's got a small package to go into the game with and help us out. I'll see. I'll see where he's at."


(on what he likes about WR Derrick Mason) "We played about two games, maybe two and half games with three healthy wide receivers, so it's really been scary from that standpoint. We had a chance to go get a guy that still runs very well even though he's played a long time in this League. He's been very effective in this League and we feel like we can catch him up real fast, so that was a big key and worth us bringing him in here and giving him a chance to help us out."


(on if he could see WR Derrick Mason playing this Sunday) "Yeah I could, but like I said, let me spend a day or two with him. Let me just see where he's at mentally and how much of our stuff overlaps with what he's been doing and hopefully that'll happen."


(on the other transactions) "We released David (Anderson) and we released Obi (Chris Ogbonnaya). We brought Trindon (Holliday) back. Trindon's coming back to return, help us return. You got to know that Jacoby's (Jones) playing a lot of plays, 70-plus plays. Danieal Manning's playing 60-plus plays the other day, so we brought Trindon back to help us in that area. We activated Jesse Nading in Mario's spot. Got a couple of practice squad guys, Thaddeus Gibson from Ohio State and hopefully I'm right, Juaquin Iglesias from Oklahoma. He's told me he's from Dallas or somewhere, so he's a Texan."


(on if RB Chris Ogbonnaya is headed to the practice squad) "No, I don't know right now. Obviously, I like Chris (Ogbonnaya). Ya'll know that. There's a process we have to go through for him to clear waivers, so we'll see what happens."


(on how WR Jacoby Jones will fit in with WR Derrick Mason on the team) "Jacoby's (Jones) a starter. He's a starter. I tell ya'll the same way I talked the last two days, he did some good things in the game, ran some great routes and when he did that, it just seemed like we broke down in protection or the ball got tipped and then when we did hold up in protection or we're ready to make a good throw, then we didn't win. It was a combination of things, but he's our starter. He's got to step up and make plays for us. I wasn't disappointed in his effort at all. Obviously I'd like him to make some plays with the ball in his hand like some of the other guys did."


(on FB James Casey) "James is day-to-day. He did run in everything today, did not practice today. He has a strained pec (pectoral), probably be a weekend decision with him."


(on the Ravens defense) "They're exceptional. I think they're number two in the League right now. You got two Hall of Famers on the defense and have been playing together forever. It just seems like forever. I played against them in Denver many a times in the playoffs. They're built around those two guys and the group together is just incredible. They do a lot of stuff, cause you a lot of problems and we got to go do it at their place."


(on if it looks like ILB Ray Lewis or S Ed Reed have lost anything) "Not from what I've seen. They're something. Actually (Executive Vice President/General Manager) Rick (Smith) walked in my office last night, late last night and I was telling him how much those two guys amaze me. They've been doing it at that level for a long, long time."


(on OLB Brooks Reed) "Well, he'll be our starter. He did play well in the game. His role becomes a little different on this team. I got to give him a break on special teams somehow because he's a full-time player now and a starter. That's what we drafted him for. His opportunity's come a little quicker than we thought, but we're expecting him to play well."


(on running backs Ben Tate and Derrick Ward) "They're good. They're fine. They practiced today. They should both be fine."


(on WR Trindon Holliday and OLB Jesse Nading) "Jesse's going to play big for (Special Teams Coordinator) Joe (Marciano). He'll play in everything on special teams. He will be a backup to Connor (Barwin) on the strong side, so he'll get some reps there. As far as Trindon, like I said, what my thought process is, our two returners are starters that have played a ton of football. We need to make sure we're being fair to those guys from a freshness standpoint, so we're bringing Trindon back to hopefully give us a little bit in the return game and hopefully play a few special teams for us, so we'll see what happens."


(on how much he's talked to Special Teams Coordinator Joe Marciano this week) "We've talked way too much because it's been good. It's been really good up to this point. It's like anything else, when your team has injuries, it's a trickledown effect and it goes straight to your special teams. That's kind of to me what happened last week. We got guys nicked. We lose Mario (Williams). Brooks (Reed) is playing every play, stuff like that. Then all the sudden, Joe's having to patchwork some guys and I've got to settle him down and give him the people to work with. But it wasn't good enough last week and it's got to get better."


(on not being as productive offensively in the third quarter) "Well, the first thing that jumps at me in the third quarter is the time of possession for a football team is way out of whack. We're on the field defensively in the third quarter and not offensively. It's been just the opposite throughout the rest of the game. We got to change that somehow, some way. Like I said, it's got to improve, but obviously the time of possession is what scares me as a coach when I look at the big picture."


(on how much of the running game suffered without WR Andre Johnson playing) "There's been some people say they stacked the box on Arian (Foster) and I don't see it that way. We had our opportunities to run against seven-man fronts and we didn't run it well and we pride ourselves on running against eight-man fronts. That's why we continue to run the ball. I don't see it that way. Them taking Arian away, I just don't think we played as well as we can play. We'll have to play a hell of a lot better this week because this group we're going to line up against is as good as there is. We got to stay committed to the run and do a better job doing it."


Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison

(on the running game last week and facing the Ravens defense this week) "We slipped some obviously. We didn't get it done. We weren't as consistent like we have been up to the past, doing the things that we need to up front and staying on the right track as a ball carrier, so we weren't coordinated that way. But we're going to fix that and we'll look forward to it. Obviously with the group we got, you have to be. Everybody's got to be on the same page and you have to be very well coordinated."


(on how much the absence of WR Andre Johnson impacted the offense) "Any time you miss a very good player, Andre's a really good player and he's going to make so many plays in the game, so we missed those plays, but we had guys step up. That's no excuse. We got who we had out in the field and we got to make plays."


(on how good the Ravens defense is) "They're a great defense. They got a lot of talent up front particularly and then the back end with Ed Reed, it's a great group. It'll be a very good challenge for us."


(on if he sees anyone on the Ravens defense slowing down due to age) "I don't see anybody slowing down. You watch the film with me. You point it out because I can't find it."


(on the Raiders defense causing problems last week) "Well, like I said, they did a great job and we didn't do so good, so we're trying to fix our end and be able to do all we can to make some plays."


(on how the offense changes if FB James Casey can't play) "Well, next guy steps up. It's like anybody else, if we have somebody go down, we're going to miss them, but somebody's got to go out there and compete. Maybe our versatility isn't what it was before, but we'll make do."


(on if he's familiar enough with WR Derrick Mason to trust him) "Just watching him on film, I've never been around him coaching, but watching him on film, I think he's a talented player that can help us. We'll get him in here, coach him up and see if he can work on Sunday."


(on if he's ever prepared in the past to go against WR Derrick Mason) "Yeah, but I've never been on that side of the ball, obviously. I'm old enough to remember when he came out. I was coaching special teams and I really liked him as a returner, but we couldn't pull the trigger in Denver."


(on WR Jacoby Jones' performance last week) "The ball was tipped a few times. That was some things that happened with various between the blitzes. It's not one thing or another. He did some good things and he got open. He made a couple plays. We'll just keep working."


(on the last play of the game against the Raiders) "Well, everything happens so fast. Hopefully he (Matt Schaub) stays and he's not having to flush because we had one coming open on the other side. If he slides, we had some guys that weren't exactly where they should have been. That's one of the little things or a lot of the little things that didn't happen right on Sunday. If somebody would've cleared open, there's a lot of things happen and the only thing he should've done is made a play and scored."


(on if QB Matt Schaub should have thrown the ball away on the last play of the game against the Raiders) "I don't know about anybody else's time clock, I couldn't tell if it was seven seconds gone or not. You don't want to take that risk of spiking the ball and not having a play. If he was going to do that, that would perhaps have been done earlier if he didn't like what was going on and save a play. We just working trying to make an off schedule play."


(on if there's a way to fix situations like the last play of the game against the Raiders) "Well, certainly make sure everybody's doing what they should do. Like I said, there were a lot of little things that were happening that create a bigger complex problem. All you do is coach all the little individual aspects and then it works much better."


(on ILB Ray Lewis and S Ed Reed) "Well, they're so much a part of the big scheme. It's hard to say 'We got to stop him and stop him.' Certainly you don't want to throw a ball up for Ed Reed to find. You got to make sure you got a hat on him, not just Ray Lewis. They've also got some great players up front. They're a big part of their package that we have to deal with."


(on NT Haloti Ngata) "He's a big man and it's really hard to contain him or keep two bodies on him. We're going to do all we can on him, stay in front of him and hopefully we get a crease around him or over him."


T Duane Brown

(on how frustrating it was when balls were getting tipped at the line of scrimmage against Oakland) "It's very frustrating because you feel like the protection is somewhat decent and somebody's open, but just couldn't quite get it over those guys. Like I said, it's one of the tallest defensive lines in the League and just good instincts. Even when they didn't get a good rush, they did a great job of timing that up."


(on if he expects Baltimore to try to tip balls at the line of scrimmage as well) "I'm not sure. They got some pretty tall guys over there as well. I'm sure they're probably going to stick to whatever game plan they had anyway, but I'm sure they probably noticed it a little bit."


ILB Brian Cushing

(on the defense getting better each week) "I agree with him. I think I'm a guy that I believe there is no surface, no max out of capabilities or anything. Collectively, we want to be the best. I just want to add to that. I want to help the team the best that I can and we're going to work towards that every single day. Without OTAs and certain things, this defense I feel still is learning with certain techniques and assignments. I really believe we're getting there."


(on how he feels compared to his rookie season) "I'm going to be better. I'm going to be better because I'm smarter, I'm older, I'm more mature and that was two years ago. I feel I'm a completely better football now and I just got to continue to grow upon that."