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September 04, 2017

Houston Texans Transcripts (9/4)

Head Coach Bill O’Brien
DE Christian Covington
K Ka’imi Fairbairn
TE C.J. Fiedorowicz
WR DeAndre Hopkins
CB Johnathan Joseph
T Kendall Lamm
ILB Benardrick McKinney
RB Lamar Miller
G Xavier Su’a-Filo
LS Jon Weeks
Opening Statement
“I’m just going to start out with a couple things here. I know a lot of you guys, ladies and gentlemen, have been out covering the devastation from Hurricane Harvey. I really just want to thank you. While we were in Dallas we really relied on the media to keep us up to date on what was happening back here in Houston, so I’d really like to thank you for that and the job that you do. It would be remiss of me not to mention how proud we all are of this football team and what they’ve done in the community. It’s incredible. Obviously what J.J. Watt has done, raising close to 20 million dollars, there’s really no words that can describe what he’s done. Other things: 55 players and some of our coaches and their families and players’ families visited the shelter here at the NRG Center. I was there. That was a very cool experience for all of us. Brian Cushing worked with the USO and our servicemen and women over the past weekend. Whitney Mercilus visited first responders. Kendall Lamm and Greg Mancz volunteered at the Houston Food Bank. A lot of players went to the Boys and Girls Club and read and played with kids there. Jon Weeks and D’Onta Foreman are selling t-shirts to support relief efforts. You just can’t say enough about this team. I’m probably leaving some guys out, but they’re really a bunch of great guys. In the end, we’re here to win football games so now I’m just going to focus on Jacksonville. Sunday’s game, I can confirm to you, will be played here in Houston against the Jacksonville Jaguars. (Texans President) Jamey Rootes spoke with (Houston) Mayor (Sylvester) Turner and (Harris County) Judge (Ed) Emmett – obviously Bob McNair involved with that – and everyone agrees that our game will not take resources away from other parts of the city and that this game will be an opportunity to continue to bring us all together as Houstonians and as Texans. So, this game will be played here. We got off on the right foot today with a decent practice. We’ll keep trying to string some good practices together. We know it’s going to be a tough game, but we’re excited about it.” 
Were you happy to see the extension that WR DeAndre Hopkins got?
“Absolutely. Any time you can extend your best players, that’s important. He’s in that category, no doubt about it.”
Can you talk about the thought process of keeping two quarterbacks?
“I just think it was, at this time – it’s all about the best 53. A lot of times it just comes down to what do we think is the best 53 to make us the most competitive team possible? That’s what it is, at any position.”
Can you talk about K Ka’imi Fairbairn and keeping him over K Nick Novak?
“He’s done a good job. He’s a young kicker. He’s got a talented leg and, again, 53-man roster – you’re just trying to make the best decisions you can in the best interest of the team. We felt like that was the best interest of the team.”
Were cuts more difficult with your last home game being cancelled?
“Yeah, that’s a good question. It’s tough. It’s not anything that you can control – that there wasn’t a game played, that the game was cancelled. Obviously, that was one less opportunity that guys had to play. But in the end, that’s just the way it was. It’s too bad that it happened, but it did, and you just have to do the best you can to make the best decisions for the team.”
Since the hurricane, you guys have done so much. Recovery is going to go on, but you have a game on Sunday you want to win and you have next Thursday in Cincinnati. The season won’t pause for you, so how do you find that balance as a coach?
“I would tell you it’s about winning football games. I think that we’ll do whatever we can in our spare time that we have to help the city, but right now – and we’ve done a lot already. Obviously, like I was saying, a lot of the players – all of the players, really – have done a great deal, and obviously what the McNairs will continue to do. Our business side, our community side of our organization will continue to be involved, but as a football team, we’re paid to coach and play and to win games. So, that’s what our job is and we’re going to go back to making sure we do as good a job as we can at our job.”
How do you feel about your tackle situation and T Duane Brown not being here?
“I feel good about our tackle situation. We’ve had these guys around for a while. Duane hasn’t been here for a long time. I think everybody knows how I feel about Duane. Look, he’s doing what he believes is best for him and we’re coaching the guys that are here and we feel good about our 53-man roster.”
Have you been impressed with WR Bruce Ellington?
“He’s an instinctive player. He’s come in here and learned pretty quickly. He’s been able to make some plays for us. He’s got good hands, he’s a strong player, and so yes, I have been impressed with his ability to come in here and pick up what we do, and I think it’s just – he has to continue to progress. Now it’s a game plan week, it’s a little bit different. In some ways it’s easier because his role might be a little bit more defined for him than it was in the preseason, but I do like what he brings to the table.”
Can you talk about how you feel having two young quarterbacks on the roster?
“I feel good about the quarterbacks. I think that both guys have – relative to where they are in their careers – have played decently. Tom (Savage) has good command of what we do. He knows how we want to operate, he’s been here for a while. Deshaun (Watson), in my opinion, has gotten better and better and he’s going to be a very good quarterback in this league. We feel good about our quarterback position and we’ll continue to coach them and work with them and I think you’ll continue to see improvement with them, but we believe both guys are getting better and better relative to where they are in their careers.”
How do you feel about the health of the wide receiver position with the first game approaching?
“Look, you always want your best players available. You can’t do anything about injuries. Everybody’s dealing with injuries. We went out and looked at some tape on some guys and we felt like Andy (Jones) was a guy that could fit what we do on special teams. He had some good snaps on special teams and then what he did offensively. So, we felt like bringing him in would help us while we wait for guys to get back from injury and things like that. So, nothing you can do about injuries. You just have to keep plugging away and we’ve got a lot of players on offense that can play different roles for us. That’s what they’ll have to do.”
Do you believe forcing turnovers involves a little bit of luck?
“I think it’s a little bit of both. In this game, sometimes the ball bounces your way, sometimes it doesn’t. But I do think that you can really coach it up and manufacture turnovers, takeaways, with the guys that we have. We have good length up front on defense, batted balls. Ball disruption is what we call it. We feel good about our ability to do that against anybody, and then on special teams, we have to do a better job of covering kicks and trying to get the ball out and things like that. And then obviously offensively, we have to do a much better job of taking care of the ball. We’ve got to really tilt the scales on that relative to what it was last year, and we’ve worked hard on both sides of the ball, taking care of the ball on offense and on special teams and defense of disrupting the ball. So, hopefully that will show up this year.”
How much more confident do you feel when DE J.J. Watt is 100 percent healthy?
“I would say anytime the two-time, or whatever it is, three-time Defensive Player of the Year is healthy and ready to go, that makes me feel very good. So, that gives me a lot of confidence. I like the way he’s practiced this training camp, and like I said a couple weeks ago to somebody, I’m looking forward to watching him play. I’m excited for him.”
Do you expect RB D’Onta Foreman and RB Alfred Blue to play this week and was it good to get WR Braxton Miller back in practice?
“I’m not sure about either one. It was good to get Braxton back. At this point, I would say that both guys have a chance to play on Sunday, but I won’t know that until later in the week.”
Is it hard to gauge how much each individual player is focused solely on football as opposed to how they were affected by the hurricane?
“Absolutely. I mean, you have to do a good job of kind of understanding what each individual person has going on. Some guys weren’t affected at all by the flood by where they live, but then other guys were directly affected -- and coaches. We have coaches that had families staying over in the hotel right next door here. So, you have to do a good job of that, but in the end, it’s like I said when we were in Dallas, we’re professional coaches and professional football players. The train’s not stopping in the NFL. Nobody feels real sorry for us, for the football team. Obviously there’s been a great outpouring of support for the city, but in the NFL, they’re moving forward and we have to move forward, but we have to do a good job of helping our people that need help. And we will do that. That’s what this organization’s all about.
With a guy like T Duane Brown, how long do you think it will take him from the time he reports to be ready to play in a game?
“You’d have to ask him that. I have no idea.”  
What do you see on Jacksonville’s offensive side?
“I know they’ve added some great players to that team. They’ve switched it around. Obviously, new head coach. Obviously, when you have a man like (Jacksonville Jaguars Executive Vice President of Football Operations) Tom Coughlin who runs the show over there, obviously it brings added juice to a team like that. So, we’re excited to be able to break down the film and getting ready to look forward to them this Sunday.”
I know you guys are zoned in on Jacksonville, but the fact that you’re playing two games in the span of four or five days, it’s an early test.
“It is, but that’s football. You have to be able to deal with shorter weeks and, as you said, two games in the span of a couple of mere days. So, that’s the NFL for you, and I know we obviously know what’s ahead of us, but at the same time, we’re looking forward to Jacksonville first and foremost.”
Coach Bill O’Brien said you all are playing this season for the City of Houston. You have a special relationship with Houston, having played college here as well, what’s it going to be like running out of the tunnel the first time this Sunday?
“It’s going to be amazing. As you said, I’m going into my seventh year total in this city. Houston’s truly become my second home and to be able to see all the devastation that happened, from while we were away from the city, it hurt a lot of us. A lot of us felt helpless. My family was kind of stuck in the area as well. I had a lot of college friends and former teammates who were affected. A lot of my church family was affected, so my thoughts and prayers are with them all the way through. So, to be able to finally be back in the city with this team, to be able to dedicate this season to the city of such amazing people and the countless fans who’ve been with us since day one, that’s what we need and it’s great added motivation to be able to look forward to this season.”  
Just your thoughts on making the team and what you did to do this?
“I’m extremely excited for the opportunity to be a part of this team. Now, it’s just doing my job, being a good teammate and going out there and working hard every day.”
How badly do you want to make big kicks and be in that big situation?
“You know, you just take it day by day. Every kick you treat the same, whether it’s a game-winner, a PAT. You just do your job, go through my routine and my process. That’s it. Keep it simple.”
What do you think you did to win this job?
“Just keep stuff simple. Make kicks. That’s the name of the game, making my kicks.”
How much did former Texans K Nick Novak help you get to this point?
“Definitely, he helped me. He’s a true professional. He’s helped me, given me guidance. I thank him for all of that.”
What was it like to be on the team last season but not be able to participate?
“It was a learning experience, definitely. Having guys like (Jon) Weeks and (Nick) Novak and (Shane) Lechler, guys that have been around the league for a long time. They helped me along and I was just watching and learning.”
What was your reaction when you got the news?
“Obviously I was very happy. I got a lot of calls from my family and I was very thankful for the job.”
What was the process of finding out you made the team like?
“You’re just kind of waiting around the phone for a call. Coach (Izzo) texted me, and from that point I was just happy to have a job. It’s thank you for your trust in me and now it’s time to go.”
Tell the fans about why you’ll be able to kick in the NFL.
“Because I stick to my routine, I always treat the same kick as – I try to do it in practice. Going to the game time, just being in that situation, treating everything the same.”
What did you think about your former UCLA Bruins comeback against the Texas A&M Aggies last night?
“Oh, I was extremely happy. Those guys – toughness. I watched the whole thing. Never had a doubt. And it’s even better that (Shane) Lechler’s an Aggie. Got a little bragging rights there, too. So, that was fun.”
Was Texans P Shane Lechler texting you or anything when Texas A&M was beating UCLA by 34 points?
“Yeah, there were a couple words spoken about that. He was yawning. He was like, ‘I’m going to go to bed.’ But I was like, ‘Just wait man. Just wait.’”
What was the first thing you told him this morning?
“I just had my UCLA Bruins jacket on. That’s all I needed to say right there.”  
What did it mean to you to get that contract extension and the confidence the team showed in you?
“It means a lot. Coach (Bill) O’Brien has the confidence in me, the quarterbacks have confidence in me, Rick (Smith) – I think we both have a good relationship. It gives me the confidence moving forward and less stress in the offseason.”
Having QB Tom Savage as the quarterback, what works well with you and him?
“He’s a good leader. Obviously, he throws a good ball. Easy to talk to. He commands the offense and goes out there every day and competes.”
When you found out about the extension, was that something that was on your mind throughout camp?
“My first contract was a four-year deal. I never expected to do anything before. My agent happened to talk to me a couple days beforehand and said something was coming. I had no idea, but I was just playing normal ball like I would any other year, and it just happened to come. Now I just look forward to showing what I can do.”
What do you Sunday’s game will mean to the city?
“Obviously, it will mean a lot. We went through those five, six days where everyone was stuck. I’m not sure what the numbers are with people in the homes in there, over at NRG Center and all the other places around Houston, but I think everyone’s going to come together even stronger than Houston already was. It’s going to be electric in the stadium.”
What do you see from Jacksonville’s defense?
“They’ve always had a good defense. They fly around, they have a lot of athletes at linebacker, a lot of good athletes at defensive line. We’re going to get their best effort, conference game, first time we’ve played a conference opponent first game of the year. We’re excited for the challenge (and) I know they are, and they’re going to bring everything they got.”
Over the last couple of years, Head Coach Bill O’Brien’s mentioned how good of a pass catcher you have become, do you take a lot of pride in the development there?
“Absolutely. Coming out of college, didn’t know much about that part of the game – did a lot of running. But I’ve learned from a great coach, Coach O’Brien, over the years and I think I’ve really stepped up in that category.”  
Can you tell us about your thumb? Is it 100 percent ready to go?
“One-thousand percent.”
Did it give you any kind of setback?
“No, it’s just a thumb injury. I catch with my thumb every day, so no need for me to go out there and keep going (with) a nagging injury. Just let it heal, and that’s what they did.”
How much pride do you take in never missing a game?
“A lot of pride. A lot of pride. Probably from rec league. I remember one time I got knocked out right beside my mom on the sideline, and I didn’t want to go back in the game, but she got up and threw me in the game. I kind of instilled that toughness since rec.”
Were you ever worried that your contract was not going to get done, or were you confident?
“I was confident. I was confident in this organization and this team for believing in me. The coaching staff and Bob McNair and the guys upstairs for believing in me. I know what I did. I know the work I’ve put in over the past four years for them to do that.”
How gratifying is it to get it done and then to have them make that kind of commitment, based on what everybody does around the league, to you as a player and recognizing what you’ve done?
“When you go out there and put up numbers like those, like I did the past four years, anything less than being top or being paid as a top receiver would be downgrading. But I knew this organization would come through. I didn’t want to play anywhere else but Houston, honestly. They took a chance and drafted me 27th pick overall, so I was appreciative of that.”
Where were you when you found out about the contract extension?
“I was at my house. My sister was on her way to me because my phone had broken, and she was taking me to the Apple Store.”
How much are you looking forward to the season opener against Jacksonville?
“I can’t wait to go out against those guys. We beat them last year, two games, but still it’s like a division rivalry. Even though we’ve won the past six games, they always give us a hard test. Jacksonville – when I saw we were opening up with them, I think everybody in the locker room is excited because we know how hard they play. Even though we’ve got the best of them in the past three years, we know they’re going to give us a test. Just after being with each other in West Virginia so long, it’s exciting to see what we do out there this Sunday.”
How do you think football is going to help the city this week?
“In a big way. This is a football state. The state of Texas, in general, is a football state, so for us to go out there and get a win, I think that’s what this city needs.”
Last year, you and Jacksonville Jaguars CB Jalen Ramsey started to develop a rivalry, now you have Jaguars CB A.J. Bouye. Can you talk about Ramsey and then what’s it going to be like going against A.J.?
“My only rival is myself, so I don’t really consider that a rivalry. But he’s a good player. He’s going to be a good player for a long time in this league. A.J., I’ve been going against A.J. – first practice that we had together. I remember the first play we went against each other. I remember my first conversation (with A.J.), so A.J. is – going out there, going against A.J., it’s not going to be something new. It’s something that I’ve been doing. We know each other’s game a little bit, so it should be challenging.”
You used to tell us how many questions he would ask you and learn from you. Did you teach him too much or did you hold a few things back?
“A.J.’s grown a lot since we first came in the league. He’s developed a lot on and off the field – just asking questions every day after practice to me, coaches and everybody. He was picking everybody’s brain. So, you could tell that he wanted to be one of the best in the league, and he is, but I don’t think I gave him too much.”
How have you been impacted by Hurricane Harvey?
“I haven’t been impacted, me personally, but I feel like I am impacted because this city is impacted. So, I’m part of this city, I’m a role model in this city, so I feel like I’ve been impacted even though I haven’t physically been impacted.”
Did Head Coach Bill O’Brien talk to everyone about switching gears from focusing on helping the city to now focusing on this week’s game?
“Bill (O’Brien) didn’t talk to us, he just basically – I saw his interview where he dedicated the season to Houston. That’s the only thing I’ve seen him talk about that. But, it’s just been us being leaders in this city. This city has supported us. We knew that anything we could do, we were going to be able to do. What J.J. (Watt) is doing is awesome. What we did yesterday – I could have stayed out there all day and did that. Just seeing the people, just hearing the stories, it’s motivating, especially from their aspect. You don’t get to talk to fans and you just don’t get to talk to people in this city and have normal conversations every day. Usually it’s about football, but for it to switch and be about personal life or something they went through, it touched me. We know we have a game this week, but still I’m sure guys are going to go out this week and still do stuff, even though we have a game Sunday, and I don’t think that’s going to mess our focus up.”
Did you hear any stories in particular that really stuck with you or any exchange that touched you?
“I was talking to a guy yesterday that was volunteering, helping giving out bags and stuff, and he was just telling me how basically he took a boat with no motor and picked up over 20 people. I was asking him how long would it take for you to get back, questions like that, just because that dude’s like a hero. So, I was just picking his brain, seeing like – man, I was at home stuck playing Madden, doing nothing. I felt like he was my hero, but he was just telling me how it took him 30 minutes to get back and forth to people and how he could hear people in their houses, screaming out their window for help, but his boat would be full and how he couldn’t get back to them in time. So, just hearing that, it was deep.”
Do you remember his name?
“I do not.”
You’ve been very positive about QB Tom Savage going back to the start of the offseason program, now that you’ve watched him in preseason and practice, what are you expecting?
“I expect him to continue where he left off this preseason. I’m not big on stats and numbers, but I did see where he was top percentage QB, or something like that. So, I expect him to continue that.”
How good do you think QB Tom Savage could be?
“I think he can be real good. He knows this offense like the back of his hand. He knows the players in this locker room very well, better than everybody. He’s been here. So, I think he can be real good.”
What do you think of the group of receivers that are going to be playing with you?
“I’m excited. I’m excited. We have some new guys – Bruce Ellington, what he’s done so far has been awesome, especially just from me watching. I have not been on the field with him (but) so far it’s been good to see him picking up this offense and taking leadership in his role.”  
Do you think the recent events have made you guys stronger?
“Absolutely. I think it brings you closer together. You look around and you just see guys helping out all different races, guys from all over the place volunteering. Things like that, I think it brings a city together, a community together, a football team together. I think it’s hard to beat a team when you’re all together pulling the same direction.”
Do you feel like this week it’s going to be even more special to represent Houston?
“Absolutely. Any time we hit that field, we have a Texans jersey on representing the City of Houston. Obviously, with the hurricane and everything that’s happened, I think we definitely want to put, I wouldn’t say anything extra because that would be just talking crazy, but I think we just want to dedicate this season. Every time we have a chance of mentioning it and bringing awareness to it and things like that, we’re going to do that.”
Have you had a chance to talk to Jaguars CB A.J. Bouye yet this week?
“I talk to him as much as possible. At the end of the day, we’re all friends. But once that coin is tossed out there and the ball is kicked off, it’s nothing personal. It’s all good at the end of the day. It’s not Texans versus A.J., Hop (DeAndre Hopkins) versus A.J., it’s the Texans versus the Jaguars, and at the end of the day, we have to go out and play football.”  
How much has G Xavier Su’a-Filo been able to help you with his experience?
“Oh, it’s major. I mean, me and X (Su’a-Filo), of course offensive line, we have a different way of talking already. But me and X have formed our own form of communication, so I could look at him and we can be on the same page. I can say a few words that might not be the call that we normally say and he’ll understand where I’m coming from. That’s come a long way and I can’t wait to put it together.”
Any added pressure going into your first start this week against the Jacksonville Jaguars?
“I wouldn’t say so, because like I was (saying), I’ve had a lot of experience here, fortunately. I mean playing, whether it’s heavy tight end, if it’s coming in in the middle of the game, if it’s playing goal line. Whatever they’ve really given me, I tried to take it in stride and make do with what I can. So, I mean, for it being the first start, don’t get me wrong, I’d lie and tell you there won’t be a little bit of jitters, but as soon as I make contact the first play, all that goes away and, you know, you get back to football. So, it’s exciting.”
Do you feel that it’s your time?
“I do. You put a lot of work into it. I’d lie if I said I didn’t. When I go home during the offseason, you grind. I mean, you envision this day, so, to know that it’s five, six days away, trust me, it will be very exciting.”
Is there a sense of you having something to prove?
“No matter what, going undrafted back in the day, that really didn’t bother me because when you get to this point and you get in this situation, this opportunity, there’s always something to prove. I’ve always taken the approach – even if it’s a walkthrough practice, a shell practice, a padded practice – you always want to go out (and) put your best foot forward and show that you deserve a spot in this locker room. So, that’s how I’ve always taken it.”  
Right off the bat you have Jacksonville, then four days later another game, so is that going to be a challenge for this football team?
“It’s a part of being a pro. You have to be put in a hard situation and be able to capitalize and be able to just come back faster and stronger and mentally tough.”
What are you excited about going into this season?
“I’m just ready to get back out there and play football. We’ve got a lot of great guys on defense, a lot of good guys on and off the field, a lot of older guys pushing the younger guys to compete. It’s going to feel great being back on the field.”
You’ve been talking all through camp about taking another step forward and taking more of a leadership role, how do you feel about that now going into the first game of the season?
“We have a lot of great leaders on the defense – guys like J.J. (Watt), Whit (Whitney Mercilus), Cush (Brian Cushing). I’m just going to do my part, just trying to pitch in and do my part on the defense, and if everybody’s doing their part we should be a great defense.”
When you’re around talent like DE J.J. Watt and OLB/DE Jadeveon Clowney and those guys, how does it elevate your game? How does it help you try to rise to that level?
“Like I said, I just try to do my job, not try to do too much. Guys like J.J. (and) Clowney, they make a lot of great plays with the defense and Coach Vrabel and Bobby (King) do a great job of putting me in the spots to make my share of plays. I just try not to pass up the opportunity to make a play when it’s my time to make a play. But, like I said, it’s great playing with those guys. It takes a lot of stress off some of the other guys because they’re making so many plays.”  
After all of the events of the past week, is it nice to be back and focus on football?
“Yes. We have a big week coming up. We’re dedicating this season to the City of Houston. Everybody is buying in, everybody is trying to do their assignment.”
What’s it going to mean for the city once you guys step on the field Sunday?
“We know it’s a hard time here in Houston right now. We’re just trying to do anything to make this city proud this upcoming Sunday. And for us to do that, everybody has to do their assignment, play fast and just put on a show.”
Do you like the way the offense has come together?
“Yes. I think we’ve come a long way with Coach (Bill) O’Brien running the offense. I think everybody’s buying in. He’s holding everybody accountable, so I think all the guys have been doing a great job so far.”
What’s the difference with Head Coach Bill O’Brien running the offense?
“He brings a lot of energy to the meeting rooms. Just seeing a coach bring the energy to the meetings, you want to play for a guy like that. And he’s more hands-on. He’s making sure everybody’s doing their assignment. He’s just holding everybody accountable.”
How is Head Coach Bill O’Brien holding you guys accountable?
“He’s just making sure the leaders are doing what they’re supposed to do and making sure the younger guys behind them are doing their assignments so once they get an opportunity, they take full advantage of it.”  
What is football going to mean for this city on Sunday?
“It’s going to be huge, man. One of the most important things we can do for the city is win these games because they love football. In Houston, there’s a lot of professional sports but they love football and amongst doing things in the community, we’re always going to try to be winning our football games. It’d be huge for them.”
How is playing Jacksonville a little bit different with their physicality?
“I mean, as a lineman in the trenches, you love that kind of game. I think it’s awesome we get to kick off the season with a division opponent. I think in the three years I’ve been here, we haven’t done that. So, going into my fourth (season), it’s very exciting.”
What kind of faith do you have in QB Tom Savage and what does the offensive line need to do to protect him?
“I just have faith, up front, that we’re going to do our jobs, playing right next to each other and what we’re going to do. We’re all about trusting everyone to do their job, so as linemen, our job is to protect the quarterback and run the ball and as long as we execute that, I think we’ll be fine.”
Do you feel confident this offensive line can open up holes?
“Definitely, man. Like I was saying, we’ve got to play with what we’ve got and up front, it’s just our job and our responsibility and we take it upon ourselves, especially here they use a lot of terminology to establish the line of scrimmage. As linemen, especially for me personally, I love that. I love running the football.”
You open this season with two games in four or five days. That’s a challenge.
“That’s football, man. To get it right at the beginning will be a good test and good challenge for us, but one at a time. I think taking that approach and worrying about Jacksonville this week will be huge for us.”  
What are your thoughts on how this division is becoming more balanced?
“Football is tough. It’s hard to win on Sundays. I know what people say about the division and that kind of stuff, but you can win on any given Sunday. That’s been proven many times before. This game’s hard and we’ve looked at it as our division has improved, we’ve improved, but now we have to go out on the field and prove it.”
You’ve been out in this community quite a bit, what was your impression to come back and see the city?
“It was tough. It was absolutely tough. Again, being away and just seeing what we saw from the media aspect of it, of course seeing the worst of it, it was hard. But, being able to get back here – again, very thankful for the NFL and the Dallas organization, as well as our organization getting us back here as soon as they did, and just being able to get back out there (and) start giving back right away is what’s important.”  
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