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September 07, 2017

Gameday Media Center: Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars (9/10/17)


All gameday press items for the Week 1 matchup between the Houston Texans (0-0) and Jacksonville Jaguars (0-0), including pregame information, end-of-quarter statistics and postgame notes and quotes can be found below. The links will be become clickable as the items are posted. Please see a member of the Houston Texans Communications Department if you have any questions.




HEAD COACH BILL O’BRIEN (Transcribed by Chloe Delclos)

How would you describe it and then how do you explain it?
“Just wasn’t a good day. (We) have to do a better job coaching. Have to figure it out. It was a bad day. Starts with me. Players played hard. There were glimpses of some decent plays, but clearly, it was a bad day. So, a long way to go.”
Could you take us through the decision to switch quarterbacks and where you are now with QB Deshaun Watson and QB Tom Savage going forward? Is Deshaun your guy going forward?
“Right now we’re just trying to figure it (out). We have a quick turnaround here, so we have a lot of film to watch, a lot of things to get caught up on. The decision to go with Deshaun (Watson) really didn’t have a whole lot to do with – it had more to do with could we find the spark? Could we find somebody that could maybe make a play, that could escape the pocket? Things like that. I thought that Tom (Savage) really hung in there and played very tough. We had a hard time protecting him. So, I just made the decision to go with Deshaun.”
You guys from the organization down, including Executive Vice President of Football Operations and General Manager Rick Smith, said Tom (Savage) was the guy and then you’re forced to make that change again. Was it solely because the offensive line and that he couldn’t be protected, or do you feel like he wasn’t getting done what you needed to get done from the quarterback position?
“I thought he did. He was trying to do the best that he could. It’s just the decision I made. I felt like to try to get something going.”
We saw what happened with the offensive line, but how was the defensive line dominated with the ease in which Jacksonville ran the ball with RB Leonard Fournette and also protected QB Blake Bortles?
“Look, it was a terrible day on offense, but it wasn’t all that much better defensively. So, like I said, we’ll have to watch the film. We have to watch the tape, but there were some things out there that weren’t good. We have  a lot of work to do. We have a quick turnaround here. I told the team, we have to stick together. We have to get back to work right away tomorrow.”
Obviously a short week, when do you expect to decide who you do want to start Thursday night?
“I don’t know. I’ll think about it a long time tonight and try to continue to work on Cincinnati and see what the best approach is versus them.”
Going back to the offensive line, just in terms of having to move guys in and out, how difficult is that to have cohesion when you have guys injured or giving up a lot of pressure and you have to make changes?
“It was a tough night. I think I need to do a better job. I need to do a better job of helping them. I think it starts with me. I thought the players played hard. They tried to do what we were asking them to do. I just didn’t do a good enough job.”
After QB Deshaun Watson threw his touchdown pass, you needed a big stop on the defense to get back into it and they went straight down the hill. How key for Jacksonville was that drive?
“That was a big drive. I thought we had a little bit of momentum at that point, with the crowd into it. Deshaun (Watson) did a nice job on that drive. Nice touchdown pass to Hop (DeAndre Hopkins). We didn’t play complementary football at all. We just didn’t. We weren’t able to complement each other. It was the reverse of that actually. So, we got a long way to go. There’s no choice. The only choice is to just keep working and try to figure out what we can do to be better.”
The wrap on QB Tom Savage has always been that he holds on to the ball too long and also you’re in favor of a quick tempo offense, and it seemed you guys were sluggish right from the start.
“I wish we would’ve played faster. Think again, that’s on me. Have to figure out how I can get these guys to play faster. Just wasn’t as up-tempo as we wanted it to be. Give Jacksonville credit, which I should’ve done right at the beginning here today. They did a great job. Their team was ready to play. Their coaches did a great job and they did a good job.”
Jacksonville had 10 sacks – QB Tom Savage five times, QB Deshaun Watson five times. Is the core everything you’re seeing offensively? Do you have to solidify that offensive line, whether it’s Watson or Savage, and give that quarterback protection to be able to accomplish what you want to accomplish offensively?
“Yeah, I think again, it comes back to me trying to do a better job with these guys of the design of some of the plays. Just comes down to me making sure that I’m doing the best I can to do a better job of helping those guys out upfront. Get a better balance, try to go faster, whatever it is. Like I said, we have to coach better and hopefully that will lead to us playing better.”
How difficult are these injuries, especially now when you have a short week and have some guys that may not be available for this game?
“It’ll be tough. I just came off the field, so I’m not sure. I just don’t know what the report is yet, but we’ll get it to us as soon as we can.”
What are the challenges of getting your offense where it needs to be on this short week?
“It’s tough. It’s going to be tough. We have a lot of work to do. It’ll be a long night tonight. We just have a lot of work to do. Have to get these guys back in here and we’re not really going to be able to practice too much. We just played a lot of football. So, it’s going to be tough. We have a good team, obviously Cincinnati, a very, very good team, so we have to find a way. We have no choice. Have to stick together. Have to find a way to get better and get better quick.”

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T CHRIS CLARK (Transcribed by Greg Maiola)


When you hear you gave up double-digit sacks, how does that hit you guys?

“Like I said, it’s happened to multiple teams before. I’m not surprised by anything that happens in the NFL. Any given Sunday. It’s just one of those things. We just have to look at the film and build on top of it.”


Is maybe playing again so quickly a good thing?

“Yes, it is. It really is. When something like this happens, it is a good thing to get back out there. Getting back on the practice field, watch this film and learn from our mistakes because we made a lot of mistakes today. Getting back to it is what’s good for us right now.”


What’s it like when a coach makes a quarterback change like that?

“I mean, that doesn’t matter to any of us. As O-linemen, we have a job to do. Doesn’t matter who’s back there. They practice together so everything’s the same way. For us, it’s just protecting whoever it is, whether it’s a running back, quarterback or whoever.”


What was it like to see your quarterback get hit so often?

“It’s painful for any team. It’s painful for not just the quarterback, but when any of them – our running back gets hit too hard. I take pride in that stuff. Like I said, we’ll watch the tape and get better from those things.” 

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WR DEANDRE HOPKINS (Transcribed by Stefan Nolet)


How surprised were you with the result today?

“It’s the name of football. You have to make adjustments on the go. We did some things in the second half that were better than the first half.”


How do you think QB Deshaun Watson played in the second half?

“He did some good things (in) his first NFL start. Him and I have some things we need to work on to improve, but I think we did some good things out there.”


Are you surprised to be going through another quarterback change? Ever since you’ve been here there’s been constant shuffling at this position. It seemed like it was locked in this year and now there’s potentially another quarterback controversy.

“It’s football. Things happen on the clock, you just have to go with the flow.”


How do you think your matchup with Jaguars CB A.J. Bouye went?

“It’s football. They got the victory, so they won the game.”


What do you think will be the key to the offense improving going forward?

“Just getting on the same page, going out and practicing, working on things that we need to work on for this game. But just clicking and doing things that we want to do and making sure that it happens.”


Do you think that now that QB Deshaun Watson has had some action it will help him moving forward?

“Of course, of course. I think that’s what he needed, to go out there and get his feet wet. Even though the circumstances were what they were, he came in and went with the flow.”


How do you think QB Tom Savage played in the first half?

“Well, we lost the game, so nobody played well, not just Tom (Savage).”


Are you surprised the team had some issues offensively?

“It’s football, man. No game is going to be perfect. It’s a long season ahead of us.”

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CB JOHNATHAN JOSEPH (Transcribed by Stefan Nolet)
What happened today?
“Just got punched in the mouth today, to be honest with you. No other words can describe it. They came in and did a good job being physical with us today. We got behind, and we couldn’t regain the lead, and we just took an ‘L’ today.”
Head Coach Bill O’Brien said it’s on him to do a better job coaching. What’s the players’ perspective?
“Maybe so: that’s his take on it. I’m a player, so I can only speak for the players, and I think the players have to do a better job of hitting the field and taking the coaching and taking everything else, executing plays and making plays when the time comes. I think today was a good learning lesson for us, that anytime you don’t show up, you’re going to go out there and you’re not going to play up to your standards.”
It’s a short week, will you have a short memory?
“That’s the best part about this situation, I think, having a short week, being able to get it behind you. Watch it obviously and correct things, but just being able to go out there on Thursday and play another ball game, you don’t have to wait till Sunday.”
How much does it hurt that this game went the way it went?
“Anytime you lose, it’s never a good feeling. Can’t really put words to describe it, but there’s definitely a bad taste in everyone’s mouth in this locker room. Like I said, we have just to go out, look at the film and correct our mistakes.”
Did you talk to Jacksonville CB A.J. Bouye after the game and what are your thoughts on how he played?
“I think he did a good job. It’s always business in this league, so it’s nothing personal against A.J. Bouye I love him to death. I pretty much raised him up in this league, he played with me for years, so kudos to A.J. Those guys played well today and came away with the win.”

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QB TOM SAVAGE (Transcribed by Evan Dunbar)
How difficult was it to be replaced?
“Yeah, obviously you never want to be replaced. That’s not a good feeling. But, it’s called a team sport and I’ll be here for this team.”
How shocked were you at the move in that situation?
“Obviously, like I just said, no one wants to be pulled like that. Like I said, I’ll be ready to go.”
What happened in the first half?
“We just weren’t in sync. That’s just kind of what it was. It was holding on to the ball a little too long, trying to make some plays down the field. And the game is not meant to be second-and-15, sacks and that’s what it is.”
How hard was it for you sitting there in the second half and not being able to go out there and contribute?
“You know it was tough, but obviously I got over myself and like I said I tried to help Deshaun (Watson) and help the guys out there as much as I can and that’s just the way it is. I’ve been here for four years, I’ve seen it happen. I’ve seen how this works and it just is what it is.”
Do you feel like you should have been able to go out there in the second half and continue to lead the team?
“As a competitor, you want to be out there. You know, I worked my tail off for this. But I wouldn’t trade any of those guys out there on that offensive line for anybody. They are my guys, I’ve got this team’s back and, like I said, I’ll be ready to go.”
Is this one of the toughest things to ever happen to you? To have this happen in this situation in the first start of the year?
“If this is the toughest thing that happens to me in my life, then I’ve had a pretty good life. So, I’ll get over it, and like I said, I’m going to bounce back. I’m going to do whatever I need to do to help this team and I’ll be ready for the guys in this locker room, for this organization and for the city of Houston. I’ll be there.”
What happened with the offense?
“(We will) just go back and watch the film and see what we did wrong. We have a really, really talented group out there. We see it every day. We’re going against one of the top defenses every day and I don’t think there is any confidence hurt by this game. We’ve got a good group of guys. I know my confidence isn’t shook, I’m ready to go. But that’s just the way it is. It’s the first game.”
Was it painful hearing the crowd boo in the first half?
“The only thing that stinks is that it’s the other guys out there on the field that are getting booed too. I don’t know who they’re booing at. They could be booing at me and that’s fine, you can boo at me all you want. Just don’t boo my guys. That’s where it hurts. This team really works their tail off. Listen, if they call my name on a headboard and you want to boo me, that’s fine, just don’t boo my team. That’s the one thing that gets me.”

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QB DESHAUN WATSON (Transcribed by Stephanie Weaver)
What were your thoughts and emotions when you got out there on the field?
“Just go out there and have fun.  Make a spark. Do what I can to lead the offense.”
What did QB Tom Savage say to you before you went on the field?
“He said, ‘Let’s go.  Let’s go lead these boys and get a touchdown.  Try to turn this game around.’”
How would you evaluate your performance today?
“It was alright.  It was a learning lesson.  Live and learn.  First career NFL game, so there is a lot to learn from.  Watch the tape and move on.”
What did you think about your first NFL career touchdown pass?
“It was pretty cool, especially coming from Nuke (DeAndre Hopkins), so it was good.  Hopefully plenty more.”
How will you handle this going forward?
“Same mentality.  Go and try to be the best player I can be, the best teammate I can be.”
Did you feel prepared to go out on the field?
“Always prepared, regardless of whether you are the starter or not you always want to be prepared because you never know.”
What did you see in the first half that you took onto the field?
“We were just watching the tape, seeing what they were trying to do to Tom (Savage), and if my opportunity came what to look for and prepare.”
Did you feel like you were constantly under pressure?
“They have a good front seven so they were getting to us, but it seemed like they were bringing more pressure in the second half than they were in the first half.  We’ll watch the tape and see what we can correct and fix and move on.”
Do you grow in confidence from some of the things that worked for you today?
“Always. Each rep is a learning a rep.  I’m young, I’m new to the league, so I’m just easing my way in and trying to learn as much as I can and learn on the fly.  Each rep is very important, and you can’t take a step back.
What will you take away from this game?
“Correct the mistakes but at the same time, it is a blessing to be here.  To have this opportunity, just try to be the best player I can be and learn from it.”
Do you feel like it is valuable you were able to get this first game under your belt?
“It’s always valuable.  Each game, each rep is very important.  You can’t take a step back.  You can’t miss it.  I learn from each rep and move on forward and try to be the best that you can be.”
Did you hear the crowd reaction when you came out to start the second half?
“I did not.  Not really.  I was just focusing on what (Head) Coach (Bill) O’Brien was saying.”
Physically how do you feel?
“No, I’m fine, ready to go. Come back in tomorrow ready to practice.”

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DE J.J. WATT (Transcribed by Carrington Gilbert)


How would you describe the way you all played today?

“Not good. I give a lot of credit to Jacksonville, they played a very good football game. Obviously, we didn’t do nearly enough to win and I’m very excited that it’s a short week so, we can get out there on Thursday and try and prove ourselves.”


How much of this was a downer after the excitement of pre-game?

“Obviously, we didn’t perform the way we wanted to, for ourselves, for anybody.”


When QB Deshaun Watson threw that touchdown pass you all need a big stop on defense and they scored, how big was that?

“Not good.”


What do you think happened on that series?

“We didn’t stop them. Pretty plain and simple there. We didn’t do a good enough job all day long stopping them.”


Was it more of a case of them being good or you all being bad?

“I’m not going to take anything away from them. It’s a good football team. They came in here and did what they needed to do to get a solid win. I take my hat off to them.”


What do you think about Jaguars RB Leonard Fournette?

“Obviously, did a good job today.”


What did it feel like coming onto the field hearing the roar and excitement behind the 71,000 people in attendance especially after what we’ve been through as a city?

“It’s not good when that’s the highlight of your day. That was a good moment and it was downhill from there for the rest of the day. I need to play a lot better football and obviously we all need to play a lot better football.”


The Jaguars offensive line compared to years past seems like it’s taken a real step forward. What were they doing differently in this game as opposed to some of the others games you’ve seen in the last couple years?

“They did a good job. I think they played a good. I think they executed what they were trying to do out there. Obviously, they put a lot of points on the board. So, we can’t let that happen.”


How did you feel health-wise out there?

“I felt fine. I messed up my finger a bit, but other than that my body felt fine. “


When did you hurt your finger?

“In the second quarter, some time. Just busted the bone through the skin. Nothing bad. Just tape it up.”


How do you think you played? This is the first game you’ve played since September 22, 2016.

“Terrible. No other way to put it. Terrible. So, there’s only one way to go from here and that’s up. Can’t play much worse. Very excited that it’s a Thursday night game coming up and we get a chance to go out there and play football again very soon, because you don’t like to let a taste like this sit in your mouth for too long.”

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HEAD COACH DOUG MARRONE (Transcribed by Hannah Pietsch)
Opening statement
Well obviously it was a nice win, but we can enjoy it momentarily really for us. Right now, our thoughts are back with the people in Florida. That’s where we are at as a team, as an organization, as a staff. Our thoughts and prayers are back with them hoping that they are safe and the first responders and all of the people who are doing what they need to do. Obviously, we went out here and we played. I was happy with the way we played. I thought defensively we came out and put pressure on the quarterback with our defensive line. We had some penalties in the back end, but we were able to overcome them. Thought we were able to create turnovers, which was important, and obviously the field position battle with the sacks. Offensively, I was a little concerned early on. We had the two penalties in the red zone, and we wound up kicking field goals. I thought to myself, ‘You know you can’t beat this team – it’s a good football team – you can’t beat them by kicking field goals.’ I think the momentum – we came out and we tried to run the football, we wanted to run the football. I thought we did a nice job of that at times. I thought the running backs ran well. I thought our decision making with the quarterback and where we wanted the ball to go and the throws was good. I thought we missed, not throws, some balls that could have been completed. I think that offensively, the big point to gain momentum back was after they scored. We answered with a score, which was obviously an important part of that game. Trying to get up by 21 with the missed field goal, that was disappointing. That’s something that we’ve got to make sure we improve upon. It’s the first game of the year, it’s a long journey. There are a lot of things we can correct. We put a lot of hard work into this plan. We put a lot of hard work in to our football team, and we’ll see how it goes from here.”
How impressed were you with the run blocking?
“I thought they did a nice job. I thought they were up for what was, obviously, a great challenge – the front seven of Houston. I can’t speak for them, but I still consider them the best defense in the league. I thought our players responded well, came out there and were able to run the ball. I wouldn’t say we were able to run the ball well, but we were able to run the football.”
How did you think they played up front?
“I thought both lines did a nice job today. They really did.”
In your wildest dreams, did you ever envision 10 sacks and four turnovers in one game?
“I don’t know if I dream in my wildest dreams. Most of the time, I’m thinking about my wife in my wildest dreams. Honestly, I dream about how we are going to play the game, how we are going to win the game. I think of it from a standpoint of whatever our game plan was going in to this game. I think about it. I visualize it. I try to get the players to visualize it and teach them. I don’t really think about numbers though. It’s hard for me. I think it’s all earned, those numbers. Those players go out there and work extremely hard. Credit to them for being up for the challenge.”
Did you see some benefits today from the tough training camp you ran?
“I don’t know, because I don’t know anything else. It’s hard for me to say, ‘Hey, this is what we did.’ It’s not about that. But we were ready. Obviously the training camp, the no huddle stuff we do in training camp. Today we faced a lot of no huddle. I think we were ready for it, not that we knew they were going to do it. But for us, training our players to be on that field for a long period of time, because there was a point where it dipped a little bit when (Deshaun) Watson came in and we gave up that score, but then we started to play and then get stronger. And we still have to do a good job with the penalties. That’s going to catch us somewhere along the line and that’s something we’ll address.”
You talked about finishing games all offseason, so how did you think the team finished today?
“I think that the momentum started, shifted back to us. During a game, you get these momentum swings, and it comes back to the phrase, you have to be able to answer. I thought we did a nice job of answering right there. If you don’t want to answer on offense, then you have to come back and answer on defense. You have multiple ways to do it. I was excited that the offense was able to do that. I think that helps.”
Have you received an update on WR Allen Robinson?
“No, I spoke to the team. I spoke to Jeff. I know that some of the results haven’t come back yet, so I don’t really know yet.”
You are up 6, nothing and decide to go for it on a fourth and one play. Was that because you had RB Leonard Fournette?
“I don’t think it was just Leonard (Fournette). It’s everyone. I think at that point in the game that’s what we felt was the best decision for our team.”
How did you think RB Leonard Fournette played today?
“I thought he played well. I thought he was good after contact. I thought he’s good in his routes. I’ve been saying that all during camp. Being able to catch the ball and make things happen. I think he’s a tough runner. Every time you see the pile, the pile’s going forward. I think he’s got to do a good job of not letting people get to him, letting people poke at him afterwards and things of that nature. He’s just got to stay focused and stay in his game. That’s happened to him before, when he was in college. That’s the only thing I spoke to him about. Stay focused, stay in your game, don’t let them get you out of your game. We had that conversation, that was our only really conversation on the sideline from the standpoint of what he was doing out there individually.”
How did you think QB Blake Bortles played today?
“I was happy with the decision making process. I thought that we had a couple of key, big third downs that kept the drives going. Thought he was right on the money with it. I thought we could have scored or been in better position a couple of times. Two drops that I know about. I was very happy with that. I thought he did a good job with the run. I thought he did a good job in his decision making. I thought again when your quarterback is not sacked and you win the game, they were able to overcome some of those penalties. That’s not an easy thing to do, so I was happy with his performance. But that’s something like everybody’s. It’s Game 1. It’s a long journey, and we have a lot to get fixed.”

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 QUARTERBACK BLAKE BORTLES (Transcribed by Alison Chastain)
Thought on how your offense outplayed the Texans defense.
“We talked about getting the chance to play the Texans two times a year, every year. We know how good they are up front. What those guys can do and what they have done in the past. Our guys up front took that on as a challenge and I think they did a really good job. They opened up holes and gave Leonard (Fournette) a chance to run. We gave up zero sacks. Hats off to those guys and what they were able to do against a really good front seven.”
Does going through your ups and down during preseason affect how comfortable you looked today?
“I think the whole time I was just feeling anxious. I was looking forward, not really being able to wait until week one starts to put all that stuff in the past, write a new narrative and kind of change the script. I think this gave us a chance to do that as a team. I thought we did a good job again up front and what those guys were able to do. And, the defense went out and gave so much defensively.”
What were your thoughts seeing WR Allen Robinson go down?
“I never saw it. I didn’t see him get hurt. I just saw him limping across the field. He is our guy. Everybody knows how good he is and what he has been able to do the past three years. It sucks for him and it sucks for us as a team. It is extremely unfortunate for him. It has been cool to watch him grow this preseason in camp and how good of a camp he has had. He has been unbelievable. To have this happen in the first game, I can’t really put that into words how sad I am for him.”
How does RB Leonard Fournette change the team?
“In a big way. I think the guys up front giving him room and letting him run. For a rookie to be able to come in and go for over 100 yards, had a catch out of the backfield, had a couple of catches out of the backfield. He did some good things. I think that gives him a boost of confidence. We’ve never really seen him run. We got to see him in preseason once against New England Patriots. We knew he was a good back, but I hadn’t really seen it and he came out today and he showed the world what type of football player he is.”

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CB A.J. BOUYE (Transcribed by Tomorrow Huff)
What are your feelings coming back to Houston?
“You know it was a tough game. Coach had me and #20 (Jalen Ramsey) on an island most of the game, and you know, when Coach does that, that means it’s a lot of respect that he has for us. And our d-line was Abry (Jones) Calais (Campbell) Dante (Fowler Jr.), glad to see what he did today, and we were just out there having fun. The offense controlled the tempo, kept converting on third down, making positive runs and just milking that clock. And, we were just able to take advantage of the turnovers, too.”
What do you think of your game versus WR DeAndre Hopkins?
“Yeah, you know, I already knew there were going to be some iffy calls or some flags. Some I probably did deserve, but I already knew it was going to be an aggressive game with him. Me and #20 (Jalen Ramsey) you know are not allowed to put our hands on him, and even if we had flags, we knew we were going to come back and make plays, so it was a good match up on both ends.”
Did you expect to beat the Houston Texans the way you all did today?
“No, I definitely didn’t expect that, but one thing I was telling the guys was, in the past (Head) Coach (Bill O’Brien) has always emphasized to them about starting fast, and we was like we had to get on them fast, and that was one thing that we did. And then the change of tempo when (Deshaun) Watson came in. Felt that we had some turnovers, especially that one drive he scored and the penalties kept saving him, but overall we just stayed strong, we finished. You know last year we didn’t finish at the end here, so that’s one thing that Coach was emphasizing.”
Do you finally see that pieces of the defense are coming together?
“Yes, I believe so. We all have confidence in each other, from an individual standpoint and a defensive standpoint.  But it’s only game one. We played a great team, and then we’re going to play another great team next week, which is going to be a different type of downhill run game, shots, and we’re looking forward to it.”

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DL CALAIS CAMPBELL (Transcribed by Raj Sheth)
You guys had a franchise record 10 sacks and 5 turnovers. I think you guys knew you were going to play well together this year, but did you think you would come out that way on opening day?  
“We worked really hard through OTAs and through training camp and we had a great game plan, so we knew this opportunity. But at the end of the day, sometimes the ball bounces your way. Sometimes good plays come your way. But, it’s just a start. It’s one play at a time, one game a time. We’re 1-0. I’m already moving on to Tennessee.”
You said it’s just one win, but do you feel the Jaguars made a statement with how the defense played?
“Yeah, we want to be the best defense in the league and we have that ability. But, like I said, it doesn’t mean anything if you don’t continue with it. But, it does feel good. We played a great game, with directing our game plan very well. I made a lot of plays and when you do that you’re going to win games.”
This was an emotional game for Houston fans, but obviously, the state of Florida is going through a lot right now, so was this win for them?
“Yes, I was thinking to myself before the game that a lot of them are probably going to lose power right after the game is over, so I wanted to try as a unit to try to motivate some guys so that they can have something to be proud of while they’re going through whatever we’re going through. I don’t know how hard it’s going to hit or where it’s going to hit as far as the hurricane goes, but I know that it’s going to hit all of Florida and it feels good to be able to show Duval (County) that they got something to be proud of this year.”

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RB LEONARD FOURNETTE (Transcribed by Cole Thompson)
Talk about making your NFL debut today?
“Basically, it was really a mind thing today. I know everyone was talking about how great their defense was, but I believed in my offensive line. Each and every day at practice, I tell them we can do it. Just give me a couple of seconds and I’m going to take it. They did a great job for me and an excellent job overall. It was kind of shocking to everybody that they were blocking so well.”
When you were drafted, Tom Coughlin told you he needed you to get the ball into the end zone. Think you did that today?
“Most definitely. That’s nothing but God for them having the faith in me. Also for my offensive line having the faith in me and especially the play calling coming to me. Without those guys, I wouldn’t be where I’m at. From Chris (Ivory), Tommy (Bonahan), Corey (Grant), TJ (Yeldon), I’m still learning. I’m not perfect. I’m learning each and every day by going to the field with those guys and trying to stay ahead of the game.”
You think you’ve improved catching the ball out of the backfield?
“Most definitely. I always said I could catch. They just use me more now.”

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LB MYLES JACK (Transcribed by Sarah Hoffman)
Thoughts on the defensive unit?  
“The game started fast and we stayed on them. We executed today. Shout out to the other 10 guys on the field. They really played hard.”
Did you expect this type of performance and the improvement in defense today? You seemed pretty comfortable.
“Yes, sir. (For) me personally, just working hard and trying to make sure I get everybody lined up and get everything straight. When I do go to nickel or when I go to base (defense) just taking care of my same responsibilities. The defense came out. We’ve got to do that for 15 more weeks, (then) we’ll be alright. That’s the plan.”
Even though it didn’t count, I was a little disappointed that you didn’t make the cutback to take it to the house.
“I caught that ball. I thought we were on a 10-play draw. I caught it, spun and I just realized how tired I was. Shout out to (Texans QB Deshaun) Watson though. They need to up his tackle rate in Madden. That was a good tackle.”  

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DE YANNICK NGAKOUE (Transcribed by Stephanie Weaver)
Hurricane Irma is impacting our community as a whole.  Have you turned your thoughts back to Florida already?
“Definitely just praying for everybody back home in Jacksonville.  I’ve got some family back home that is safe.  We’ve just got to pray for them and make sure everybody is safe.  That is the huge thing, too.  We kind of took that to heart, too.  We had to think about Houston as well as ourselves, because we are about to get hit by that too.  It’s just unfortunate but we’re just praying for those people.”

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