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October 09, 2015

Houston Texans Transcripts (10/9): Head Coach Bill O'Brien

Houston Texans Transcripts
Friday, October 09, 2015
(Transcribed by Brett Maikowski, Omar Majzoub and Ellie Pardee)
Head Coach Bill O’Brien
(opening statement) “Just a couple injury updates and then I’ll just talk about a few other things. Oday Aboushi is probably day-to-day. It’s turf toe. He didn’t break a toe. I think somebody said he broke a toe. It wasn’t broken but he is day-to-day. Alfred Blue is in the same category with a similar type of injury. A.J. Bouye, he should be fine for the Jacksonville game. JD (Jadeveon) Clowney should be fine for the Jacksonville game. Arian Foster, they evaluated him on the sideline and he was able to go back in the game and he finished the game. I think everybody else is pretty much in that day-to-day category. Johnathan Joseph, Ryan Mallett, Derek Newton, all those guys, I think they’ll be ready for Jacksonville. But those are also day-to-day category guys too just from a practice standpoint. Obviously it’s not where we want to be as a team. But I can tell you this, we’re going to stick together. This team, we’ve got a resilient bunch of guys in this locker room. I’m not saying that to be a salesman. I really am not. I know where we’re at. I think we’ve got to approach it 11 games left, each game is what I would call a one-game season. We’re on to the next game. We just sat in there and we met for two-and-a-half, three hours on that game last night, did some good things but not enough. I’m going to let the players get away for the weekend and then they’ll come back here on Monday and we’ll work hard on Monday. We’ll have a good practice Monday and then we’ll have a normal work week after that leading up to Jacksonville. I have a lot of confidence in these players. I have a lot of confidence in this coaching staff. I have confidence in my own ability to lead the team and to get our players in a better position to win these games. We’ve got to take it one game at a time. It’s not a cliché. It’s the truth. There’s no finger-pointing going on in there. These guys are a good bunch of guys. They’re together. We know that as a staff, we need to coach better. They know that there’s certain things that they can do better. We’ve got to eliminate penalties. We’ve got to be a more disciplined team. It was not good last night with all the penalties. We need to be better on special teams. I’ve been saying that for a few weeks now obviously. We need better production on defense. We need to stop turning the ball over, especially early in the game. We need to be able to rebound from bad plays. When something bad happens, we’ve got to be able to come back from it. As far as the quarterback position goes, I’m going to go with Brian Hoyer. Again, I think he went in there last night, I think he was 16-of-18 in the second half, did a pretty decent job other than the last pass. Obviously, that was one we all wish that we could have back, that he wishes he could have back. Not looking back on any decisions. That’s just the decision that I’m making right now. Obviously, look, we all know is it an ideal situation as it relates to this league? No. I understand that but we’re moving onto Jacksonville. Brian Hoyer will start the game against Jacksonville and we’ll go from there. I take responsibility for everything that goes on on that field. I take a lot of responsibility and I take it to heart and I know the fans are upset. Not much I can do about that other than go to work with these players, with this staff and try to get this thing corrected. This season’s not over. It’s not over by a long stretch. We’ve only played one division game. We’ve got a lot of games left. We’ve got 11 games left. Like I said, we’re going to try to approach it one game at a time, play 11 one-game seasons. So our first season right here in this 11-game season deal is Jacksonville. With that, I’ll open it up to questions.”
(on if he sees QB Brian Hoyer being the starter for the remainder of the season) “Look, it’s kind of what I was saying there is that I think it’s 11 one-game seasons. So he’s the starter for Jacksonville. I think over the last two games he’s gone in there with a really good attitude, with a calmness about him, with really good mechanics. Has he been perfect? No, but I think that yesterday he passed for 312, had a 112 rating, like I said he was 16-of-18 in the second, had the interception that was not good on third-and-2, didn’t give us a chance to have that last play, but I think overall he’s played pretty well. So we’re going to go with him against Jacksonville.”
(on the importance of consistency at the quarterback position) “Really important, I mean it’s really, it’s something we’ve been striving for as a team. That’s something that we actually just spoke about in the team meeting. I showed them 31 plays from the game last night. Usually I show plays that are good, bad and ugly, and this one was mostly negative plays, penalties, interceptions, not being able to stop the run, not being able to run the ball, and I think that’s what the team needs. We need to play with more consistency. I think we need we need to coach with more consistency. I think at times we coach really well. I think at times we don’t coach very well. We have to be consistent across the board, and there’s no more position that’s important than quarterback when it comes to consistency. I think that Brian’s (Hoyer) been consistent in the last however many quarters he’s played. He’s been a consistent player for us.”
(on QB Brian Hoyer looking tense in the first half against Kansas City in the regular season opener, if something clicked since then) “Yeah, I think you’ve got a point there. I do, I think that after that first game, again not trying to look back too much, but I’m sure he put a lot of pressure on himself. I think that you probably saw that. He’d probably be better to answer that. I think that putting him in in the Atlanta game, granted we were getting killed, but last night was a little bit different story, and I thought he handled himself well other than that last play. I don’t want to say that it was a perfect game. I understand that we had two more plays there and we really didn’t get the second play there that we really needed to try to tie the game. But I thought that Brian played well.”
(on OLB Jadeveon Clowney having any problems health-wise with his foot) “Looks like an ankle, but I just saw him just now before I walked in here, and he seemed to be doing well. I think you guys probably saw he had a boot on, but that’s just precautionary. He likes to go play pick-up hoop and things like that. Going to try to avoid doing that this weekend. At least I can make you guys still laugh a little bit.”
(on how he emphasizes not getting penalties) “I presented it in the order of the game, meaning that these penalties that occurred in the game. These guys, it’s not a lack-of-effort penalty. It’s really not, and it’s really not like an immature penalty. It’s all from trying to make a play. They’re trying to do something good, they really are. We have to coach it better. There was one penalty we had on a punt return where (Keith) Mumph (Mumphery) had a really nice punt return out to the 45-yard line, but because of the penalty, we had a holding call, we ended up getting the ball on the 5-yard line. That’s a 40-yard penalty which this team cannot afford. We don’t have a lot of room for error with this football team, no football team does like that. Those types of penalties we really have to stay away from. There were others obviously but we had way too many. I think we had been doing a pretty decent job with the penalties, but last night was terrible.”
(on QB Brian Hoyer having a hard time shaking big mistake plays) “I think that was a mistake that he made last night. I think though that when you look at his body of work over the last couple of games, there haven’t been that many. Although that one last night was not a good one, I think that he’s played much more consistent than he had earlier in the year, I’m talking about the Kansas City game. I think the more he plays here and hopefully we’ll see it in the Jacksonville game, we’ll see more consistency from him.”
(on QB Ryan Mallett’s reaction to not getting back in the game) “I had a team meeting. I don’t really talk about the conversations that I have with the players. Ryan is a competitor. He wants to play, but again, we’ve got to do what’s best for the team. That’s what we think is best for the team right now.”
(on the contributions of WR Keith Mumphery and WR Jaelen Strong with WR Nate Washington and WR Cecil Shorts III out) “Cecil may be ready for the Jacksonville game. That was one I didn’t read you guys. I apologize. Yeah, Nate and Cecil were out. Mumph has come in here and really done a good job for us. Special teams-wise, he’s getting better as a punt returner. Obviously, as a receiver, he’s really done a good job for a rookie. Jaelen really got his first opportunity last night and came up with a couple big plays. He blocked in the running game. He did some things. I think the more he plays, the better he’ll get. He’s a big, strong guy. He runs well. He’s really done a good job the last couple of weeks of paying attention to detail a little bit better. I think, like I said, the more he plays, the better he’ll get.”
(on how realistic it is to turn the season around in 10 days for Jacksonville) “It’s got to be realistic. It is realistic. There’s no other choice. I told the team last night, ‘What choices do you have? You have one choice and that’s to go back to work. Figure out as coaches what we can do better, figure out as players what you can do better.’ I know it may sound like a cliché, but what is your other choice? You don’t have another choice. Your choice is to show up here today, which they all did, pay attention in the meetings, ask questions, get them answered, then show up on Monday. Take a little break here Saturday and Sunday and show up on Monday ready to go because it’s a long season, guys. Look, I know. I made a pact with the team today that we’re going to stay away from reading all the things that you, with all due respect to what you guys write and you guys do a great job, but we’re doing to stay away from reading those things and watching TV. Let’s focus on our football team and what we need to do better to get this thing turned around.”
(on how the slow starts on offense throws off the entire game plan) “It really does. I agree with you. Again, I’m trying to look forward here to Jacksonville. So thinking about that, last night we had a really nice drive going. I felt like there were some good plays there. The plays were getting in fast, it was good tempo. I thought (Offensive Coordinator) George (Godsey) did a good job of getting the play calls in and we had some really good plays. But then, at the end there, couldn’t finish the deal. Couldn’t even get a field goal. Threw a tough, tough pass there and threw an interception. That’s not a good way to start. It’s the way it started last week, too. It’s the way it started in a number of games. We have to stop that. When we can start fast and come down the field and get points on the board that usually, including last year, bodes well for our team. So that’s what we really have to concentrate on in practice. We do that. We work on the start of games in practice a lot and things like that. But probably from a head coaching standpoint, got to think about something else to turn it around.”
(on if WR Nate Washington has a chance to play against Jacksonville) “I would say Nate is in the day-to-day category, just like Cecil (Shorts), but I would say that Cecil probably has a better chance to play against Jacksonville. I always have the right to change my mind on that though.”
(on WR DeAndre Hopkins’ play this season) “He’s done a good job. I think he had 169 yards receiving last night. Not sure how many catches he had, but he had some big catches. He had a couple that he would have had 200 yards receiving if he was able to come down with his feet in bounds. They were tough catches and things like that. He’s been a very productive player for us. I thought Arian (Foster) was very productive. I think Arian had nine catches last night and ran for some yards. So it was good to have him back, kind of full-go last night. Those two guys are big parts of our offense, so hopefully that continues.”
(on if there is a chemistry developing between QB Brian Hoyer and WR DeAndre Hopkins) “I think you got a point there. I think that when you catch a lot of passes during the game from one guy, it’s just natural that you’d develop some chemistry there. I think, look, Hop had caught a bunch of balls from Ryan (Mallett), too, but last night it seemed like those two guys were clicking, so hopefully they can continue that.”
(on how much QB Brian Hoyer and QB Ryan Mallett are different) “Yeah, they are different. Very different.”
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