September 7, 2011 - Transcr...

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September 07, 2011

September 7, 2011 - Transcripts

Houston Texans Transcripts

Texans Head Coach Gary Kubiak

Texans Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison

Houston Texans Open Locker Room

Colts Head Coach Jim Caldwell Conference Call

Colts QB Kerry Collins Conference Call

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

(Transcribed by Brett Maikowski, Charles Hampton, Evan Koch and Zac Emmons)


Texans Head Coach Gary Kubiak

Texans Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison

OLB Connor Barwin

G Mike Brisiel

LT Duane Brown

FB James Casey

ILB Brian Cushing

RB Arian Foster

WR Andre Johnson

SS Glover Quin

QB Matt Schaub

DE Antonio Smith

RB Ben Tate

DE J.J. Watt

RT Eric Winston


Colts Head Coach Jim Caldwell Conference Call

Colts QB Kerry Collins Conference Call


Texans Head Coach Gary Kubiak

(on if there's any update on RB Arian Foster) "No, he went a little harder today in his rehab process. He was over there working out and he'll be day-to-day. We'll see where we're at tomorrow, but it looked like he did a little bit more from me watching from afar."


(on if RB Arian Foster is improving every day) "I think he's improved every day, but it's still going to be a day-to-day deal, so we'll see where we're at tomorrow."


(on his plans for the running backs on Sunday) "You always prepare for possibly not having a guy. That's just the way you prepare, so the reps are going to (RB) Derrick's (Ward) way, (RB Ben) Tate's way and (RB) Steve's (Slaton) way right now. Got to get those guys ready to play, but we'll see where we're at tomorrow and see how he does."


(on if he doesn't want to take any chances on RB Arian Foster this early in the season) "Well, if Arian's full speed, he can play. We want him to play. We need to be at our best to win a football game, but at the same time, we've got to listen to what's going on. As I said all along, the progress has been very good and I know there was more progress today, so maybe this conversation is different tomorrow. I don't know. We'll see. I have to listen to Kap (Director of Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer Geoff Kaplan) and those guys."


(on QB Kerry Collins) "I think he's a hell of a player. He's been successful against us. My focus right now is on our football team. We've got to get ourselves ready to play. It doesn't matter who you play or whatever, it matters how you play in this business, so we've got to prepare to get ready to win a game."


(on if it's weird to prepare for the Colts knowing QB Peyton Manning is doubtful to play) "It's not weird to get ready for the Colts. We do it twice a year and it's always a good football game between us. Everybody's got some problems this time of year. We've got ours, too, and you've just got to get your guys ready to play and on Sunday be good enough to try to win a game in this league."


(on RB Steve Slaton impressing him) "Yeah, he really has. I think he kind of got lost a little bit because he missed that time, but up until the time he pulled a hamstring, he was excellent through camp. I thought it was really pushing (RB) Derrick (Ward) and (RB) Ben (Tate) very much so. It was unfortunate, but I think Steve's come back the right way and Steve's ready to be successful again in this league. You never know when your opportunity's going to come, so I've been impressed with what he's done. I'm glad he's on this football team."


(on if he feels confident in RB Steve Slaton) "Oh yeah, yes I do. He's played well for me before and I think he'll play well for me again. I think that's just how those things work. He's stayed focused the whole time through a lot of tough times, through a surgery. He's always stayed focused."


(on if ILB DeMeco Ryans is 100% healthy) "Yeah, he's 100%. He's going. Obviously, he doesn't have the reps that the defensive players had throughout the preseason, but we have had some extra time here and we've worked the heck out of him. He's responded. He looks good. We'll go to the end of the week and see how many reps we think he can handle, but hopefully he can handle them all."


(on if he considers it an advantage that the Texans are the only ones with a stable quarterback in the AFC South) "No, I just think it's part of football. I think throughout the season in this league, every year I've ever been involved with pro football, there's always issues with every team. You've got a small roster and how you work through those issues has a lot to do with how the season ends up. But as I tell you, as I tell the guys, we got to stay focused on our team and getting ready to play a good football team. If we don't play well, then we're not going to win, but if we play well, we're going to have a dang good chance to win, so just stay focused on us."


(on his message to the team this year) "What I probably just said, I'd repeat it again, so that's the message to them. It's a long season and this game's important. They're all very, very important, but we've had a good preseason. We've had good work, just getting ready to go. The key in this league is to try and be as good as you can be on a given Sunday and find a way to win a game, so that's what we're trying to do."


(on if he changed anything to start getting off to faster starts at the end of last season) "No, we did some things in practice. We've done them through camp, talking about fast starts in practice and stuff like that. As I've said, I think many times, we were a slow-starting team last year, not just slow on defense or slow on offense or special teams; just as a group, we had a hard time getting going. If we play three good quarters and win the game, that's fine with me, but I'd like to play them all perfect and we'll try to start doing that this week."


(on what RB Ben Tate showed him in camp) "I think it's important for the team. I think guys have confidence in him. He came in and played extremely well against New Orleans, did some good things against San Francisco. You never know if a guy's taking care of his business until he gets thrown into the spot. He could very well get thrown in there this week. We'll see."


(on DE Antonio Smith losing a friend over the weekend) "It's a tragic situation and we're just supporting him as an organization. He has a coach, his teammates and [he's] trying to work through it. It's difficult, but all we can do is try to help him work through it."


Texans Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison

(on his thoughts on the Texans' offense and RB Arian Foster) "I think we're in fine shape. You know, we had a lot of backs take some reps through preseason. If Arian (Foster) can play, he'll play. If he can't, somebody else will play and everybody's worked hard and got a place in the right spot. I think we're ready to go."


(on how important it is for RB Ben Tate to show what he can do now) "Certainly from last summer to this summer, when he didn't get any reps, he's done a great job. He's worked hard at it though, so he deserves some reps."


(on if it could go up until Sunday when a decision is made on whether to play RB Arian Foster or not) "You're going to have to ask (Director of Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer Geoff Kaplan) Kap about that. I don't know."


(on having healthy players going into the season opener) "Well, it's always important to be healthy. That's the key to the season being successful, is if you get a lot of guys healthy. That's good for us and hopefully we'll keep them that way and keep the good guys out there and keep playing."


(on what concerns him about the Colts' defense) "They've got great players. (Colts Defensive Coordinator) Larry Coyer does a great job on defense. He's a good coach. They're a tough team. We got to scratch and claw for every yard we get."


(on if players on the offensive line are getting healthy) "It looks it. It looks like (G Antoine) Caldwell and (T Rashad) Butler are coming back and that's a good thing. The guys up front have done a nice job all the way through preseason."


(on what the Texans did to run the ball so well against Indianapolis in the season opener last year) "I think we were real consistent. Whatever we needed to do; we were effective on the backside. Watching the tape Arian (Foster) did a great job but they did a great job up front."


(on if he has to adjust the game plan if RB Arian Foster doesn't play) "I don't think so. I think what we do is what we do. The running back; he's taught the same way, he's taking the same reps. We'll continue to keep doing the same thing we're doing."


(on how the offense changes with James Casey at fullback) "James (Casey) is a different animal; not to call him an animal or anything, than Vonta (Leach). But he's done a great job. We've asked him to do a little bit of everything. He moves a bit more. James has done a good job for what we've asked him to do."


(on if FB James Casey will be getting the ball more than former FB Vonta Leach did) "Well, that's to be played out. We have a lot of really good players that will get the ball. We'll just have to wait and see what happens."


(on if there is confidence in FB James Casey) "Well, yeah. (James Casey) is a good receiver. Vonta (Leach) was a good receiver, too. Whatever we get, we'll take."


(on how much he's looking forward to opening up the offense after seeing how his first string looked in the preseason) "We're looking forward to playing for real. Like I said, whatever we get from the defense, we'll try to take. They're a really good defense. They've done a nice job over the years. We'll just scratch and claw and get every yard we can."


(on having TE Owen Daniels back healthy) "He's looked really good, obviously, and that's important for us. It's another facet. It's another guy they have to cover. It makes everybody else open and certainly he can beat man coverage whenever we ask him to."


OLB Connor Barwin

(on if he's excited to see the defense get a little more complex after playing basic schemes during preseason) "Yeah. I don't know how much we'll do, but there will definitely be some more calls being made, which definitely is exciting."


(on whether he feels like the 3-4 defense is more suited to his skill set) "Oh yeah. A month ago, you're learning everything, but now practice is a little more detailed, but you just feel a lot more confident out there and feel more natural than you did a month ago."


(on preparing for the Colts offense without knowing whether QB Peyton Manning will play) "Yeah, but I mean, all the film we watch, Peyton's playing. All the plays they run, Peyton was playing, so everything we prepare for, he was playing and we're going to do the same type of thing whether he's in or not. I just said before that they're going to run the same plays that they would run with him in, so we're going to run the same defenses."


(on whether he expects that the Colts will trust QB Kerry Collins as much as they do QB Peyton Manning) "Well, I'm going to prepare like they do. I'm going to prepare like they can run everything they did when he (Manning) was there, so I'm sure they will."


(on guarding against a mental let-down from possibly not facing Indianapolis QB Peyton Manning) "No, I don't think so. It's Week 1, everybody's all pumped up about the game. I think if you're not charged up for this game and you're going to have a mental let-down, I don't know why you would. It's Week 1 against the Colts; you're going to be pumped up."

G Mike Brisiel

(on how it feels to be playing after injuries) "For me, I'm just happy to stay on the field. I made it through training camp feeling good, so just got to keep that going."


(on if QB Peyton Manning's status has been a topic of conversation in the locker room) "No, we're going into with the same old game plan. There's a lot of good teams that have been beaten with a backup quarterback. Everybody's got to play the same. We're preparing same as always. It's not even a deal we're messing with."


(on if there is more pressure to win with QB Peyton Manning being out) "It's just one of 16 we have to take care of business at and that's how we're preparing."


(on all the hype on the Texans) "Until we prove it to ourselves, to our fans and until we make it to the playoffs, we've got a lot to prove. The hype doesn't really mean anything."


(on the depth at running back) "I'm happy. As an offensive lineman, it's good to see that kind of depth and every one of them we have faith in. It's definitely a positive for our team."


LT Duane Brown

(on whether the Texans offense is much different without RB Arian Foster) "It's not much difference. Arian's a great back and we love to have him out there, but as far as us up front, we've got the same scheme trying to create the same lanes for the backs. They all bring something different to the table. Like I said, if 23 is back there, it would be great for us, but whoever is back there is going to get the job done."

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