November 23, 2011 - Transcr...

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November 23, 2011

November 23, 2011 - Transcripts


Houston Texans Transcripts

Texans Owner Bob McNair

Head Coach Gary Kubiak

Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison

Jacksonville Head Coach Jack Del Rio Conference Call

Jacksonville RB Maurice Jones-Drew Conference Call

Texans Open Locker Room

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

(Transcribed by Brett Maikowski, Zac Emmons, Charles Hampton and Evan Koch)


Texans Owner Bob McNair

Head Coach Gary Kubiak

Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison

QB Kellen Clemens

NT Shaun Cody

ILB Brian Cushing

RB Arian Foster

WR Andre Johnson

QB Matt Leinart

FS Danieal Manning

ILB DeMeco Ryans

WR Kevin Walter


Texans Owner Bob McNair

(on the thought that the Texans handled the NFL lockout better than other teams) "I think we've got really good guys on our team and we've got some good leaders. It takes time to develop that leadership. A couple years ago, they were all young. So we didn't have anybody who was that veteran, who could step up and lead and now we do. We have it on offense and defense. Matt (Schaub) and DeMeco (Ryans) stepped up on offense and defense and got their guys together and did a lot of good work."


(on how disappointed he is that QB Matt Schaub has to be put on the Reserve/Injured List) "I'm really disappointed, especially for Matt (Schaub) because he was having a great year, probably his best year. He's worked so hard with our team and been such a great leader. It's difficult for him to be on the sidelines and watch his team succeed and not being a part of it, not being out on the field. So I'm sorry about that. Matt Leinart is ready to play. He's been working hard. If you've noticed, he stays out after practice. He and T.J. (Yates) have been throwing after every practice all this year and last year. He's ready to go and everybody's got confidence in him."


(on if there is any doubt in his mind that the Texans will respond during the final stretch of the season given the adversity they've already faced this year) "I think they've proven that they can handle adversity. In the past, we would probably have gotten our heads down and 'Woe is me' kind of thing. No, they're not doing that. They're just saying, 'Well, let's go out and get the next one.' That's all we worry about, is who we play this week."


(on how exciting the season is for him with the team being where it is at this point of the season) "Well, it is (exciting) but it's also a great feeling to see the way they've handled adversity, as you were asking earlier. I mean, not a lot of people can do that. That's what we've been looking for. We've been talking about the fact that physically, our team has been very tough. Mentally, we haven't been tough enough. Well, now what you're seeing is behavior that indicates that this team is mentally tough. I'm really pleased about that."


(on what head coach Gary Kubiak does to get his team to respond) "Well, he's steady. He doesn't have ups and downs. Some people, I get it from fans all the time, well, 'So-and-so coach is not emotional and he doesn't get upset when a play is handled poorly. He's no good because he doesn't scream and holler.' Players don't want all that screaming and hollering. It's a distraction. There is so much going on during a game. You need somebody that's cool, calm and collected, is thinking clearly and can provide leadership under pressure. I think the team has seen that with Gary. That's what he does. He doesn't have to go in and give them a lot of speeches, or what have you. They see that he handles adversity well, so why shouldn't they?"


Head Coach Gary Kubiak

(on the quarterback situation) "Matt's (Schaub) going to have surgery next week. He's going to go to IR, actually, today is my understanding. We signed Kellen Clemens. We held out hope. He went down there last night and met this morning with the doctor very early. I think it was before 8 that I had talked to him. Disappointing. It hurt for him because he's having a Pro Bowl season, but he'll be back and he'll play a long time at a high level."


(on if he's talked to QB Matt Schaub) "Yeah, we visited this morning. Not very good as you can well imagine. I was talking to him right after he got through, but I'm expecting him to come back here and help me. He'll be back here tomorrow."


(on why he signed QB Kellen Clemens) "Well, he knows our terminology. I liked his workout, to be honest with you, of all the guys that we brought in last week. I think he can catch up probably quicker than anybody that we worked out and he practiced good today."


(on if he knows the Texans terminology) "Yeah, he does being in Redskins camp, so we speak the same verbiage and that helps real quick. He looked good in his workout, too. I liked the way he worked and moved around, so we'll give him a chance."


(on if QB Kellen Clemens will move up to the No. 2 quarterback) "No, T.J.'s (Yates) our two. I got a lot of confidence in T.J. I think he's getting better every day and Kellen's here to be a three right now. If things hold true, I'm probably only going to suit two anyway. I'm impressed with T.J. and how far he's come."


(on FS Danieal Manning) "I expect him to play. He took a limited number of reps today, not the full load, but I expect him to play in the game. We will have to monitor, I would imagine, the amount that he plays, but everything looks like we'll be ready to go. It's amazing."


(on how important it is to get FS Danieal Manning back) "It's very important. He's a leader of the group. It frees up some guys. If he's out there playing, it frees up Troy (Nolan) to play some special teams. We've got some issues right there with (Lawrence) Vickers not practicing today. If he's available, it helps us in some other areas."


(on FB Lawrence Vickers) "He looked pretty good working with Kap (Director of Sports Medicine/Head Athletic Trainer Geoff Kaplan) today. I would say that he has a chance. It'll probably be the end of the week before we know, but hopefully he'll be able to make it. He's done a good job for us the last month."


(on if FB James Casey is the starting fullback if he's healthy) "No, if Lawrence (Vickers) was 100 percent, Lawrence would keep playing. He took advantage of an opportunity and played his tail off. Obviously, there's things I do with Casey, so I see them both as starters. But James works as a starter right now with Lawrence being out."


(on what he's done to keep the team together after all the injuries) "I don't know that I've done anything specifically. I think they're challenged by it. I think that's the key. They're very challenged by what's happened to their team and some of their teammates and yet, not a lot of people think they can continue to play at that level and they believe they can and I believe they can. I think it's their personal challenge and I think we're getting better. Every day we've practiced, to me we get better and every day we've played in the last month, we've gotten better. We're excited about the last six weeks."


(on if he's not a big pep talk guy) "I don't have to give them pep talks. They hear from me enough. They understand where they're at. They understand the opportunity that they have. It gets to be that time of year in this League where good teams' players take over and they should. That's the way a good team does it. I see our guys doing that right now, so just got to keep them going."


(on how efficiently QB Matt Schaub played this season) "Hell, he was the second-ranked AFC quarterback, I think. It's not his fault we weren't throwing it that much, but when we threw it, he was throwing it as good as anybody and he made probably as many big plays as anybody in the League. He cut down his turnovers. Everything he was doing, he was a better play this year than he'd been for me the previous four years. I think Matt's (Schaub) going to have a great career."


(on if WR Andre Johnson's endurance will be an issue when he plays this Sunday) "No, I don't. He's been working. We're not going to throw him out there and play him 70 plays, so that's on us as coaches. I don't see that being a factor."


(on how WR Andre Johnson has looked in practice) "He looks fine. You got to get back into football shape. I know that sounds crazy, but just running plays, putting your pads on, so we'll put our pads on a little bit tomorrow. He looks good. We got to bring him along the right way. You don't just, a guy who's missed that much time, just throw him out there for the whole load, but he's chomping at the bit, I can tell you that. He's missed some time and he's ready to go."


(on QB Matt Schaub's injury) "Well, that there's no way that any rest would allow him the opportunity to go play. It was just too risky. It's something he needs to get fixed for his future, so that's what we got to go do. We got to go do what's best for him. He's going to play a long time and so it's just disappointing. We were kind of holding out hope that maybe they saw a way he might rest and come back at the end, but they didn't think that was going to happen."


(on if QB Matt Schaub could be back for the playoffs) "No, he's going to IR. He's done."


Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison

(on QB Matt Schaub being out for the rest of the season) "Yeah, I feel real bad for Matt. He put in a lot of hard work. He really, between the offseason when we weren't around, he did a lot of things; you could tell coming back, because he corrected some things that we asked him to do. He did a great job. I feel bad for him, but that's what it is and we got to move on. We can't fold up the tent. We'll get Matt (Leinart) in there and move on, do what we do best."


(on his first impressions of QB Kellen Clemens) "You know, he's got a really strong arm. He's been around the game for a while. I really liked him when he came out. We weren't in the quarterback business when I was in Denver at the point in time, but I liked him and there's a reason why. I think he's athletic. He's got some good things. He's been in camp with Washington, so the terminology is somewhat similar to him. Just get him trained and see what happens."


(on what adjustments the offense will make with QB Matt Leinart) "We hope none. We're going to try to do the same thing that we do and modify with what we think he can get done, which right now we're working with it. It may be everything, we're doing everything. We maybe cut some things down. We don't know. That's what we practice for."


(on if QB Matt Leinart being left-handed is irrelevant) "Yeah, we've done all our play fakes and play action stuff right and left-handed. It's one of the things he's worked either way. I think Matt's obviously done some great things. That's why he's in here."


(on how WR Andre Johnson is looking in practice) "He looked great, but he was over here jogging two weeks ago and he looked great to me. Such a good looking football player."


(on how Jacksonville's defense changes without LB Clint Session) "Well, I think he was having a tremendous year. He made some plays against us the first time. He does a great job blitzing, always running to the ball. I don't know how that affects them. For us, he's a really good player, but they've got players and everybody adjusts to injuries like we've had to and will continue to, so I know they will."


(on if he thinks the Jaguars will try to retaliate after their comments from last game) "I have no idea. I don't even know where that came from. I watched the game. Our guys know how to play. We teach them how to play the game right. From my viewpoint, I think they did a nice job. I don't know. They'll do what they got to do and we'll do what we need to do."


(on if he's bothered by some of the things the Jaguars said about the Texans playing dirty) "No, I've heard that for many years. It's all a part of the game. It's all within the rules. We're taught the rules and then we teach them to our players."


QB Kellen Clemens

(on what he sees his role being as a Texans) "Whatever they tell me at this point. I've only been official for a few hours. I got to sneak into practice today and get a few reps. It's cram right now, understand as much as I can, get the game plan down and whatever my role is, whatever they need me to do. It's Matt's (Leinart) show and he's gonna hopefully have a lot of success. Heaven forbid anything else happens, just be ready at this point."


(on how he's stayed prepared) "Just lift, run, throw. It's been a unique situation for me over the last 10 weeks. Just trying to stay in shape, trying to stay ready. I've been lifting, running, throwing, like I said. I'm in Washington State, that's where we have kind of a home base. Besides that, it's been great. I've got two little kids, so I've spent some really good time with my wife and kids."


(on if he feels he has a pretty good grasp of things despite it being his first day) "You know, it wouldn't be chaos if I was in there (a game). It wouldn't be complete chaos. It'd be organized chaos. I can get us in and out of the huddle at this point and hopefully complete some balls but there's going to be a process of getting used to how we do things as Texans and just getting to know some of my teammates."


(on what he was doing when he got the call from the Texans) "I think I was making my kids breakfast. I think it was in the morning sometime."


(on if he thought he would be playing again this season) "I was optimistic. I got invited down to the Miami workout when (Chad) Henne went down. I was in Oakland when Jason Campbell went down, when they actually did the whole trade for Carson (Palmer) right in the middle of our workout, so that was a unique experience."


(on if he felt like that was the end of his season when Oakland traded for Carson Palmer) "I'm going 'Uh, it's obviously over.' But I remained optimistic. Obviously with six weeks left in the season, that optimism was starting to fade a little bit. I feel bad for (Matt) Schaub. I mean, he was having a great year. The Texans obviously are sitting with a two-game lead in the division and hopefully turn the corner this year. I've been there."


(on if he had followed the Texans before signing with the team) "Not really. Sundays were go to church and family days and I'd generally get on and watch the clicker and see what the scores were. I didn't watch a lot of games with anybody."


(on not having a reason to see an opportunity for him here before last Sunday) "Right and it's such a unique situation. You never want anybody else to get hurt. There's limited roster spots. That's the only way you're going to get a job, is if somebody gets hurt. I'd feel guilty watching games seeing if anybody was getting hurt. That's just not right. That's bad karma."


(on if he stayed in Houston or went back home following his workout with the Texans) "I stayed in town."


(on if the Texans gave him any indication that he had a

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