November 30, 2011 - Transcr...

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November 30, 2011

November 30, 2011 - Transcripts


Houston Texans Transcripts

Head Coach Gary Kubiak

Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison

Houston Texans Open Locker Room

Atlanta Head Coach Mike Smith Conference Call

Atlanta CB Dunta Robinson Conference Call

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

(Transcribed by Brett Maikowsk, Zac Emmons and Evan Koch)


Head Coach Gary Kubiak

Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison

OLB Connor Barwin

LT Duane Brown

NT Shaun Cody

QB Jake Delhomme

TE Joel Dreessen

RB Arian Foster

WR Andre Johnson

FS Danieal Manning

OLB Brooks Reed

DE Antonio Smith

DE J.J. Watt

QB T.J. Yates


Atlanta Head Coach Mike Smith Conference Call

Atlanta CB Dunta Robinson Conference Call


Head Coach Gary Kubiak

(on how QB T.J. Yates looked today) "Oh, he did fine. It's a new world for him. Last week, he's getting more reps because he's the backup. All of a sudden, he's running the team today and got a lot on his plate, mentally from leaving the classroom to coming out here, but he did fine. He'll get better every day out here and that's the most important thing. The key is everybody else making sure they do their job."


(on if QBs Jake Delhomme and Kellen Clemens will be able to play this week) "Well I'm going to work them both and then at the end of the week, I'll decide who's going to be the backup going into the game. Jake came a long way just from the first play of practice to the last play of practice. I'll wait and see and just make sure who I think can handle the situation for this week."


(on how the quarterback situation is going to work) "Hopefully it's going to work real good. It's interesting. I've been doing this a long time and I've never been through this, but I tell you what, this team is very upbeat and understands its challenges. It feels good about its football team and everybody that's on it. It works well together and we plan on doing that again this week."


(on if QB T.J. Yates' demeanor reminds him of anybody he's seen) "They're all different. I've had so many guys, but I got to make sure we take a picture of this group because it's the biggest group I've ever had. He's a confident young man and he's played a lot of football. How many games did he start at North Carolina, 44 or something like that? That's a lot of major college football games to start, so he's comfortable in what he's doing. Everybody understands what he's got to take on here, but we got to all help him do it."


(on if Atlanta is one of the better offenses he's seen this season) "Yeah, it may be as good a football team we've played all year. They're sound across the board, top 10 defense. Offensively, I think they're right there too. Very good on special teams, a lot of speed, a lot of weapons. We'll have to play as good as we've played all year. That's good. We need that test."


(on how QB Jake Delhomme can help QB T.J. Yates) "Well I think just probably it's more from a confidence standpoint, being in the room with him, just talking to him about the game and situations and handling himself that way. T.J.'s having to help him get ready mentally, so it's different from that standpoint. But Jake's just a very positive guy and he's good for our situation right now and he's throwing the ball well, so we'll see what happens."


(on if it will help QB T.J. Yates to help QB Jake Delhomme learn the playbook) "Well this time of year, it's more game plan. It's not about the playbook. It's about getting the next game plan down and going and playing the game. They know. They've been through enough games. They understand what's going on. They're working hard together. I think that's the first two quarterbacks I had eat dinner with me on Tuesday night last night with those guys. That usually doesn't happen, so we got a little different dynamic going on, but we got to make it work."


(on if QBs Matt Schaub and Matt Leinart will be on the sideline on Sunday) "Well, Matt's (Schaub) having surgery as we speak, guys, so he should be getting out of surgery here pretty quick. I expect him back Friday. Lefty's going to have surgery on Thursday, it's my understanding, back in LA. I would think that would be a tough turnaround for him, so if anybody, I expect Schauby to be here."


(on any other injury updates) "(Brian) Cushing did not practice, just beat up, we held him. There were a lot of guys limited, but that's where we're at this time of year. We'll just take it day-to-day. Lawrence (Vickers) practiced a little bit, very little, so he's still got a ways to go to be ready to play."


(on if eating dinner with the quarterbacks was to give him more time with them) "No, they just happened to be in the building, so we offered them dinner. They were working a little late last night. I'm just teasing. They had dinner with us, yes."


(on what overcoming injuries does for the team's confidence) "Well, it keeps reminding them what it's all about. It's about the team. When we line up this Sunday, we're going to have three ways we can win - offense, defense and special teams. They got a lot of confidence in that and they're excited to be back home. They know how big the challenge is this weekend, but very upbeat group, very positive group."


(on if the defense is up to the task of defending the Falcons) "Well, we're going to find out. They are a very good group with a quarterback who's playing at an extremely high level and weapons across the board, Hall of Fame tight end, receivers, a back that can beat you. It will be a big, big test for them, but it will be for the whole team."


(on how much QB Jake Delhomme had worked out before he was brought in) "Obviously, he had been taking care of himself. He's what, 36 I think? He moved around good today. There's nothing like getting back to work though. That's going to take some time. We're in a situation where we just got to push through it and find out what he can do best if we do need him, so that's what we're trying to do right now."


Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison

(on how QB Jake Delhomme did at practice today) "He did a good job for what we asked him to do. I think he's played a lot of football. It's a matter of understanding what we call things; I know he's probably run the same routes or the same protections, just called it something different."


(on how hard it is to integrate a new quarterback into the offense so late in the season) "I've never done it before, so I couldn't tell you."


(on if it is a challenge to integrate QB Jake Delhomme into the offense so late in the season) "Like I said, he's played a lot of football. He's a smart guy, he's won a lot of games. I think he did a good job."


(on what QB Jake Delhomme has done to stay in shape) "I don't know. He said something about going to Disney with his kids. That's about all I know and then messing around with  horses. He's got horses. That's about all I know that he's done."


(on if QB T.J. Yates is ready for the full playbook) "Well, that's what we'll find out this week. We practiced everything just like a normal week and we'll see."


(on his confidence in QB T.J. Yates) "Right now, we're really confident. We did the same thing we'd do any other Wednesday today, so we'll just keep working with him."


(on if it was important to get QB T.J. Yates immediately into the normal routine of practice) "No, I think he's been around. He knows what to expect. He's just taking more snaps on our side than scout team. I think he'll do fine."


(on how impressed he was with QB T.J. Yates' play when he entered the game in the first half at Jacksonville) "He did a fine job and just the cool demeanor he had, nothing seemed to rattle him. He did a nice job, a very nice job for us."


(on if QB T.J. Yates' play against Jacksonville gave him confidence going into this week) "Well, we were pretty confident about him. We'd been around him. It doesn't take a couple plays in a game. We were here every day with him and know what he brings to the table and feel real good about it."


(on what he needs to see from QBs Kellen Clemens and Jake Delhomme in deciding who will be the backup quarterback) "Just see them work and handling the cadence and the huddle and everything we're asking them to do. We'll have them pick out some plays that they like; the same thing we'd do with anybody else."


(on what Atlanta's defense does well) "Well, they don't play a whole lot of things and they do it very well. They're good up front; linebackers flow hard. They create some problems with what they do up front and their personnel; another challenge and see if we can put a couple things in and find a crease."


(on if the Atlanta defense is good because it's fancy) "No. They're good players. That's all there is."


(on why the Texans didn't run the ball well against Jacksonville) "Well, I think you have to give Jacksonville some credit. You have to say we didn't do things as well as we should have and then we learn from mistakes and move on."


OLB Connor Barwin

(on being named AFC Defensive Player of the Month) "I'm very excited and very thankful about the award, happy for me and for the rest of the defense."


(on what it means for the Texans to have a Defensive Player of the Month) "I think it's good for our whole defense, but it's kind of a funny award. If you put together a couple of games like Cush (ILB Brian Cushing) has had or a couple of other guys have had, they could easily have gotten it. It's just kind of how things line up."


(on how his role has changed since OLB Mario Williams was injured) "There's still the opportunities out there with (Defensive Coordinator) Wade Phillips' defense. I mean, (OLB) Brooks (Reed) has created opportunities; he's got six sacks himself, so people are worried about us on each side."


(on whether opponents have started changing their blocking schemes to account for him) "No, I think the defense is so sound, it's hard to kind of do that because you really don't know who's coming and who's dropping."


(on whether he and OLB Brooks Reed have started to feed off of one another's success) "You always think you're playing your hardest and you always want to get pressure on the quarterback, but whenever I see him get a sack, I'm like, 'Alright, I've got to get one,' and he's got to feel the same way. So I think the last couple of weeks, the one week he got one and the very next play, I got one. This Jacksonville game, I got one or two and then he wound up getting one, so we're definitely kind of going back and forth."


(on which of his four sacks last Sunday was most impressive to him) "The last one was probably my best individual effort, but the first one, when I crawled, Antonio deserves a lot of credit on that because we ran a game and that's the reason why I kind of had an opportunity to come free inside."


(on the difficulty in playing against Atlanta's offense) "We all believe we can keep it going. I'm happy we're playing him (Atlanta QB Matt Ryan) here at home with our crowd, but as you guys all know, this will probably be the biggest challenge we've faced in the last month or two."

(on how important having the home crowd can be) "Well, for a pass rusher, it's huge. When they have to go on a silent count and those offensive linemen can't hear the quarterback, it's huge for us in getting after the quarterback."


(on how much confidence he has in QB T.J. Yates) "I think he'll be fine. He looked great out there today, so he'll be fine."


(on whether there is any additional pressure on the defense with the offense having a new quarterback) "No. I don't look at it as pressure; I look at it as you kind of have to elevate your game a little bit and kind of play better, but no matter what's happening during the season, as the season goes on, as these games become more important, I think you always want to think you need to elevate your game."


LT Duane Brown

(on having a different starting quarterback for the third consecutive game) "Yeah, it's very unfortunate, but we won't miss a beat. T.J.'s confident, he's ready to go, but it's up to us to all do our jobs and play to the best or our ability to keep this thing going."


(on whether it frustrates the offensive line that their quarterbacks have been getting injured) "Yeah, like I said, it's very unfortunate. Freakish deals, the way both of them (QBs Matt Schaub and Matt Leinart) were injured, but that's the nature of the beast."


(on how the team developed such strong chemistry) "Everybody just being accountable and not paying too much attention to everything else that's gone on. Just stay focused on what you have going and just do your job. Just do your job every play, every week, and everything else will work out."


(on how to get the running game going again) "Yeah, we just got a little bit out of sync [against Jacksonville]. The line and the running backs got a little out of sync our last game with where a hole should've opened up at. We didn't get on our blocks as cleanly as we could have, and we kind of forced some cutbacks that shouldn't have been cut back there. Just keep working at it and every day, just keep trying to polish this thing up. We've still got a lot of confidence in the running game. The coaches do, too, and that's our first goal, to establish it, so we'll be fine."


(on how much it will help to be playing at home this week) "It'll help out a lot. Atlanta has a great defense, and this is the first time I've gotten to watch them was on film today, and they're pretty good. Watching them at the Georgia Dome, they're even better, so I think us being at home, being able to communicate properly will help us ou

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