January 11, 2012 - Transcri...

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January 11, 2012

January 11, 2012 - Transcripts


Houston Texans Transcripts

Head Coach Gary Kubiak

Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison

T Duane Brown

RB Arian Foster

WR Andre Johnson

QB T.J. Yates

Houston Texans Open Locker Room

Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh Conference Call

Ravens LB Ray Lewis Conference Call

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

(Transcribed by Harriet Dao, Maddy Foxx, Brett Maikowski and Tiffani Walker)


Head Coach Gary Kubiak

Offensive Coordiantor Rick Dennison

T Duane Brown

RB Arian Foster

WR Andre Johnson

CB Brice McCain

OLB Brooks Reed

G Wade Smith

FB Lawrence Vickers

QB T.J. Yates


Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh Conference Call

Ravens LB Ray Lewis Conference Call


Head Coach Gary Kubiak

(on how the team's workout was today) "It was good. We're bouncing around really good. Workout was good. They're a very difficult team to prepare for. They do a lot of things and we've got our work cut out for us from a mental approach, but I liked our attention today. I liked the way we were moving around and what we were doing."


(on the weather conditions in Baltimore and playing on turf instead of grass) "Yeah, but the field's still going to be the same. Same yardage, same everything. We know that. It still comes down to how we play, but obviously it's a turf game for us and that makes everybody a lot quicker. You know, to me, Ray Rice is exceptional on the turf, you know with his cuts and stuff, but I think also Arian (Foster) and Ben (Tate) also, I think it helps them, you know those types of things, but you know, I'm not worried about what type of field we're playing on or how cold it's going to be. I'm just kind of worried about how we're going to play."


(on if he has ever changed the game plan specifically due to cold weather) "No, I mean I think you put your plan together to go win a game and attack a team. Now you may show up on game day and face some conditions that dictate how you call a game or how you go about doing things, but as far as your preparation and stuff I think everything stays the same. So, I like the fact, usually we have cool weather around here, have a good cool week, it brings some light back in our legs as we worked it into the week so you know, I think it's a good thing really."


(on preparing for the Ravens since they are undefeated at home) "You know, I'm trying, but it's hard. We obviously got our noise on all day long today as we practiced, especially offensively and trying to create as tough an environment as we possibly can, but there's no way you can match what's fixing to happen. The best way to handle the hostile environment is to play good football so we've got to stay focused on that, but we'll do our best to get crowd noise and we do that all the time anyways."


(on the challenge it will be for the Texans running game against the Baltimore defense) "Well, to me they're as good out there at stopping the run and they get even better when they play at home so they set the edges really well. They're a lot like our defense from our standpoint of what we work against in training camp and those types of things. I think the key is to stay committed. I mean it's going to be tough. It's going to be difficult to run the ball on them, but it's still part of what we do and something that we're going to have to stay committed to. So, it's the type of football game we need to be in, but you know, what we do offensively always starts with the run and this week will be no different."


(on being 0-9 on third downs in the second half of the Baltimore game last meeting) "In the second half we were? Yeah, I knew we were excellent in the first half on third downs. I liked our plan of what we were doing. In the second half I think we scored on our first drive so after that it must have got really bad if we were 0-9. I don't have those stats in front of me, but if that's happening, you're not staying on the field, but third downs control the game defensively and offensively. Just like last week, we were poor in the first half and losing the time of possession, the second half we were excellent and winning the time of possession so that's big every week that you play."


(on if he is telling the team to keep their routines normal this week) "Yeah, I mean I was with them that way last week. I told them you shouldn't change anything you do. Everything should stay the same. Players get pulled in a lot of directions right now. There's four football games, a lot of attention going on and a lot of things happening from that standpoint, but they've got to stay as true as they possibly can and we'll do that as a team too. You know, we'll go through our normal routine Saturday before we head to Baltimore."


(on how he's seen the team mature over the last week) "Well, their attention's been excellent. To me, they'll mature out of this period they're going through now next year. I think right now it's a blur. We're going. We're focused on what we're trying to get done, but they handled themselves exceptionally well last week. I think they all learned a little bit of something. I think early in the game our emotions were so high. We were playing, I don't want to say poorly, but we were losing some focus in some areas so hopefully we'll do that a little better this week and with us having to go on the road it'll be even more important."


(on how TE Owen Daniels looked at practice today) "He's fine. I mean like I said, his hand. it's bothering him, but that didn't keep him from playing the other day, it won't keep him from playing. He took everything he could take in practice today so he's ok."


(on the status of the team's injuries) "We're ok. Troy Nolan's back to full strength today, Mike Brisiel's back on the field so you know, we've got a nice problem to have. We've got some questions to answer as far as who suits in the secondary so everybody's good."


(on not having WR Andre Johnson the first time around and having QB T.J. Yates this time around) "Well, anytime we miss Andre y'all know how that is. I mean it's just a big blow to our football team and that was going on what, over a nine-, ten-week time? So getting him back has been huge for our team. It was huge the other day, just his presence with the team. We've been adjusting with T.J. now what, seven or eight weeks? So it's been an adjustment period for us throughout our football team, especially offensively but you know, we go back this week off of last week with our full group and Andre came out of the game good. T.J.'s one game better and that's important as we move forward, because we'll have to be as good as we can be."


(on how QB T.J. Yates is handling the pressure) "You know, he's been good. He's a tough kid. I mean, he handles things very well. He handles game plans very well. Emotionally he's very confident and players see that. He's been in here with us as a third quarterback, but to go in there and start a playoff game, that's another big step. He's got a lot of confidence in himself and he knows that the key is that his team plays well so we'll just keep him focused on his job."


(on if the team's confidence will have an effect on the game Sunday) "Well, I think the biggest thing is that they know if they play the type of football we played last week then we'll have a very good chance. That's what we're trying to give ourselves, the best chance to win in that stadium so we're going to have to play clean. We did that last week so we've got some confidence coming out of that game. We have been here before. We also know and respect this opponent very much so. We know what it will take so you put all those things together, it's going to take a great team effort for us to get it done, but that's what we're preparing to do. So I liked the way they came out the other day if that's what you're asking me and I liked the way they worked today."


(on how much the team has grown since their last meeting with Baltimore) "I think both teams are still very much the same when you watch us on film and what we try to do to win. As far as the defense, you've got to give them credit, you know, when the game was on the line late in the third, fourth quarter, boy they made big plays in the pass game. (Joe) Flacco and those guys made some big plays and offensively we had a couple possessions where we had our opportunity we didn't do it. So you know if we go back to that game, and that was a long time ago, bottom line is the credit goes to them and the job they did and we've got to do a lot better."


(on if he thinks Baltimore's defense has set the standard for defenses over the last 10 years) "Yeah I think,, Baltimore's media reminded me today that I was there, what, 12 years ago or 11 years ago in a Wild Card game? But they've been consistent and you know, ever since 52 9LB Ray Lewis) lined up with the Mike linebacker position, this defensive football team has been one of the great defensive teams in history. They've been through a few coordinators, but they've got the same guys lining up and playing and they've been very successful. So, it is the ultimate challenge from an offensive standpoint and our players know that. So, we've got to have a dang good week here and be on top of what we're doing."


(on if the Texans young legs could give them an advantage over the Ravens older players this late in the season) "Well their legs were moving pretty darn good when I watched the film, so it's big-time football. It's playoff football, there's eight teams left. You're going to have to play great to win and we understand that."


(on the Texans overall record being 0-5 against Baltimore) "It is what it is so hopefully we'll be better this time around. You know, guys hear a lot of things as they play in these games, but the one thing my football team knows is everything's predicated on how they play. Not what they hear, not what say, it's predicated on how they play as a team so we'll stay focused on that."


(on if he believes in the law of averages) "The law of averages? I don't know. We've got to go play again here, so looking forward to it."


(on the Ravens offense) "Yeah, I mean they've moved the ball as well as anybody moved it on us all year long and I mean it starts with Ray (Rice) and Vonta (Leach) and the way they're running the ball. They're exceptional. Joe (Flacco) has a big arm. He's capable of making big plays on you. He did that to us and then you've got a back who is very dangerous out of the back field you know. So I mean that's as dangerous as it gets and like I said, they gave us fits last time and we'll have to play a lot better. So, they beat us. It was a group effort on their part. They beat us across the board and we'll have to play a lot better."


Offensive Coordinator Rick Dennison

(on ILB Ray Lewis) "Well, obviously he's a great player. He's been a great player for a long time. He understands what each team is trying to do. He diagnoses really well. He studies film. He's been the center of their defense for many, many years. We've played against him and really had a hard time blocking him. He's still doing all the same things, and he's obviously the emotional leader, too. He gets them fired up and gets them going to the ball."


(on the impact of having WR Andre Johnson back this time against Baltimore) "Well, clearly Andre helps us in so many ways. It puts the defense in somebody else to concern themselves with his talent. We're hoping he'll go out there and make some plays like he did last weekend for us and keep us moving because we'll need them all. It's a great group we're going against, so we'll need all the help we can get."


(on what makes DT Haloti Ngata so good) "Well, besides being big, square, fast, and strong, he's really strong. He's hard to keep. One guy can't be in the middle, so you got to try and work towards him with more than one, and he gets off blocks tremendously. It's just hard to move a big guy that's that strong, and they do a good job around him, too. I'm not saying that anyone around him is not very good either because (Terrell) Suggs is good. They've all played very well up front, but he certainly is a tough one."


(on what he can do to compensate for the crowd noise) "No, we just keep working on it in practice. Certainly our fans were great, were tremendous, and I know theirs will be. They were pretty loud when we were there earlier in the year, so one can only imagine it will be just as loud if not louder. Our guys just have to focus on the snap count. We can't have any pre-snap penalties. We need to keep on schedule with this group. We can't be backing up, so we'll continue to work on it in practice and make sure we're all on the same page with our cadence and timing of everything we need to do with motions and whatnot."


(on what Baltimore changed that affected the team's success on third downs in the regular season game) "Well, we did a good job. We came up with a little bit different package, so we just got to keep moving things around. We got to protect T.J. (Yates), and the timing of the routes I think was the one thing that kind of disrupted our routes a little bit. We got to keep them off the quarterback and keep moving around. It'll help to have, like we said, Andre (Johnson) out there. That'll put another bit of pressure on them. Just keep giving the guys the ball and keep them off balance as much as we can."


(on his comfort level with QB T.J. Yates and their relationship)  "Well, I think the three of - between (Head Coach) Gary (Kubiak) and (quarterbacks coach Greg) Knapp and I, we kind of mull it over during the week and with T.J.'s input. I think he's pretty comfortable doing almost everything we put in. Him on Saturday nights is tremendous to listen to him go through the reads and each of the formations where everybody is, what he needs to be aware of. He learned from the two Matt's (Schaub and Leinart) before that because just watching them study, he put in the same amount of work. I think T.J.'s kind of progressing himself into dealing with more of a little bit of everything. I think he's expanded in his mind and what he wants to work with or what he can work with, so I don't think there's really any drawback. I know Knapp has really worked very hard in and out of the classroom with him, and so I think we're getting everything we need done out of him. We just got to make the plays."


(on how much more relaxed he is calling plays for QB T.J. Yates) "I don't know that you're ever relaxed when we're calling those things. Each one's a crapshoot. Obviously, it's educated guess on everything we're trying to do. See what looks good and what doesn't and keep working on them."


(on concern over the experienced Baltimore defense) "Well, certainly with 20 (FS Ed Reed) in the back end, he's as good as you get as far as diagnosing what you're trying to do. We're going to try and pretty much stay on our side of the ball, do what we do best, try not to read too much into the defense, take what we get, try and find creases whether it be run or pass, do what we can to keep moving, and do our part to get a team win."


(on how RBs Arian Foster and Ben Tate have complemented each other) "Well, I think the biggest complement that they have for each other is each one comes in there fresh and wanting to almost outdo the other one. They get great bursts through the hole. When you get a guy rested for a little bit and they see the other guy do well, it's been great to have a pair of them to keep bursting through. When Derrick (Ward) gets in there, shoot, he's a different guy altogether. He's a bigger load. I think they just take whatever they do. They both read it just a little bit different. They both have different styles of how they get through the line, but they've been productive, so we just keep working the two of them. Hopefully we can keep getting some yards."


(on how RB Arian Foster is a quick learner) "Well, to say Arian's a quick study is a little bit of an understatement. The guy's very, very bright. He understands what was wrong and what was not wrong. He'd do that after the game watching the film. I think Arian had a great game last week. There is no doubt, and he's progressing, and he looked great out there today, so we don't have any doubt that he'll give us everything he's got. I think we'll be…we'll do everything we can."


(on how critical the performance of the offensive line will be as Baltimore led the AFC in sacks) "Well, obviously, they're a formidable group, and it's not that they do a lot of pressure-wise. They can do that. They have that in their package, but each one of them individually can put pressure on you. In the noise, they get you on the snap count, so I think that's part of the critical part. We have to handle our snap count. We have to deal with that and get in front of them and then have a sense of urgency delivering the ball with T.J. (Yates)."

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